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Things to do in Bangkok – Bangkok possesses a reputation for its numerous wats. Its rich history and strict culture catch the view of people around the world.

This article allows planning your first Bangkok holiday.

When to Go

Bangkok situates in the southeast of Okazaki, japan – tropical maritime monsoon climate zone, featuring mild weather. It is hot in addition to wet through the year, together with the average temperature of 82? /28?. It has the weather can be generally separated into three types: hot year (March-June), rainy season (July-October), and cool-season (November-February).

Tropical Weather and What to help Pack

Cool Season (November- February): Those months are classified as the coolest seasons in Bangkok on which the average temperature doesn’t surpass 26?. Several long-sleeved T-shirts are enough.

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Scorching Season (March-June): Bangkok’s scorching season is hot and also moist. T-shirts and denim are enough. Take a loath and a pair of sunglasses to stop strong sunlight, and sunshine cream is recommended to protect through the strong sunlight.

Stormy Season (July-October): Rainy period in Bangkok is wet and sultry. You may come across casual droops per day so a light rain layer and umbrella is necessary. It is suggested to prepare alternative shoes and also clothing.

The Best Time to Visit: November-April

Things to do in Bangkok – This period is the most comfortable returning to your visiting since then the rainy day is cool and the southeast island is open. Loi Krathong Festival (December fifteenth in Thai lunar diary, approximately on November 15th) is also a charming day what is the best the Bangkok will become a great place full of light for the Chao Phraya River.

Things to See in Bangkok

Bangkok gains its reputation for its religious atmosphere and long-term history. Along with the river, that spots a number of historical properties. The city is a live shrine treasure where most of the places of interest are connected with temples. Essentially the most well-known attractions in Bangkok will be the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kae, and Wat Pho.

The Grand Palace

Things to do in Bangkok – The particular Grand Palace is sophisticated of royal buildings in the center of Bangkok. It has been the required residents of the Kings connected with Siam and has long been the standard loyal resident of Thailand since then. Back to the Chao Phraya River, the palace comforters an area of over 260, 000 square meters having a wall surrounded.

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Things to do in Bangkok – Within the divider is the representative Siam architectural mastery and among which the most popular are four palaces having distinctive characters. Preserved, in addition to majestic considerable, it bespeaks a glorious of ancient suprême picture to tourists.

Often the Wat Phra Kaew

Things to do in Bangkok – Based in the northeast part of the Huge Palace, the Wat Phra Kaew is one of the most extraordinary examples of Thai temples. Into the Hindu shrine of Jesus, there is the dark-green Emerald Juggernaut which is a religio-political symbol along with the protective image of Thailand.

In Thai history and icons, the emerald Buddha brings abundance and peace to everywhere it resides. Every summer months, winter, and rainy gardening season, the King performs its own ritual to bless often the country-changing the cloak surrounding the status.

Things to do in Bangkok – Wandering around the development, tourists have a good possible opportunity to appreciate the exquisite wall artwork. All the pictures’ themes usually are from traditional Indian reading Ramayana. Apart from that, the splendid overall look and glittery decoration with the buildings are also extremely extraordinary.

The Wat Pho

As the utmost ancient temple in Thailand, The Wat Pho is friends to the Grand Palace, and also, it also reserves the biggest lying Buddha. With the whole time 46 meters and the base length of 5 meters, often the reclining Buddha boast the best reclining Buddha around the world, all of covering with gold and it is pedestal is decorated having 108 auspicious patterns.

Things to do in Bangkok The particular temple gains such a large reputation, domestically and on the surface, not only for the fame regarding the largest reclining Buddha but in addition for its majority of statuses and also stupas. It is made up of 99 stupas of which 71 are usually surpassed 7 meters and also 394 Buddhist figures inside about 80. 000 rectangular meters.

Things to do in Bangkok – Distance from Bangkok city center: the three previously mentioned are at the Grand Building District, very close to the metropolis center. It is a good idea to get a map of Bangkok inside a local bookstore as a guidebook if you want to travel the city without a guide.

Wat Arun

Things to do in Bangkok – Wat Arun lays on the western bank of the Pian, within close distance of the Huge Palace. The temple was introduced its name from the Hindu Jesus Aruna, often personified as being the radiations of the rising sun rays, so it is also called the Serenidad of Dawn. It has persisted since at least the 17th centuries and it is the biggest Mahayana stupa in Thailand. You can easily create a riverboat from one edge to the other for only 3 baht.

The Amphawa Floating Sector

Almost every tourist has an appointment with a floating market planned on his first trip to Bangkok. Actually, there are more than a few floating markets in Bangkok among which the Amphawa Suspended Market is the most attractive.

Things to do in Bangkok – Any branch of the Mae Klong River floats through the industry and many little wooden residences neatly lined up along the particular canal, selling souvenirs and plenty of charming snacks and candy. It opens at 12-15 p. m. -20 l. m. every Friday, Sunday, and Sunday so you can get there around 16 p. meters.

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so you would not miss the actual amazing little temple over the river, and at the same time have an earlier seafood lunch on the water banks and get a little lengthy-tail boat cruise.

Erawan Shrine

The Erawan Shrine features four heads and 4 pairs of arms in the direction of different sides. Housed within the city center of Bangkok, it is a well-known statue associated with the Hindu god: creation God Brahma.

Whenever you arrive, you may always meet a great group of believers there. More inviting thing is the performance by simply resident Thai dance bataillon which are often operated in conventions by worshippers in return for their very own wishes coming true.


Things to do in Bangkok – Handle shoulders, legs, and abdomen when visiting temples in Thailand especially in the Grand Palace, normally you may be rejected. It is easy to book a sari near the Fantastic Palace.

Obey Customs:

1 ) When offering prayers for you to Buddha kneel down using your feet pointing away from Juggernaut.

2 . At any time, pointing Juggernaut with your foot is banned.

3. Remove shoes any time entering any of the temples.

Cusine in Bangkok

Things to do in Bangkok – Thai dishes are one of the most popular cuisines all over the world. Although it has been mutually affected and combined the value of over the course of many nations, it features the use of refreshing herbs and spices and its sweet-and-sour taste. The combination of various liven gives tourists a fantastic as well as exciting taste. And just like other Asian cuisines, grain is the staple grain associated with Thai cuisine.

Tom Yum Kung:

Tom Yum is really a typical Thai soup, generally cooked with shrimp. It really is characterized by its unique hot and sour flavors, with fragrant spices as well as herbs generously used in the actual broth.

Thai Green Curry Seafood:

Things to do in Bangkok – Thai Green Curry Seafood is based on coconut milk and fresh eco-friendly chilies. The curry is not really necessarily sweeter than other Thai curries but, although the spiciness varies, it tends to be much more pungent than the milder.

Mary Kha Gai

Tom Kha Gai, a typical Thai plate, mainly includes coconut milk products, dill weed, lemongrass, Thai chili peppers, chicken along with fish sauce. The main stuff could be varied according to community flavors, such as seafood, mushrooms, pork, and tofu.

Activities to do in Bangkok

Things to do in Bangkok – The deep history of Bangkok sustenance the exotic and exclusive traditional culture here and that is rarely found in other portions of the world. By experiencing community traditional activities, tourists will surely have further knowledge of this area. The UME Travel internet site offers good tips on your personal preferences.

Thai Kick Boxing

Thai kickboxing is a classic art of self-defense on the Thais. It originated in Thailand and has a history of around five hundred years ago. It can reinforce the body, mind, and cardiovascular, as well as show patience as well as persistence. During this combat sports activity, competitors are permitted to make use of their fists, legs, legs, and elbows to topple down their adversary.

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Things to do in Bangkok – Aside from brute strength, Boxing is yet a test of technique as well as a skill; hence it draws in the attention of many people, house and aboard. With its endemic throughout the world, it is regarded which Thai boxing is good for females and kids as well since it toughens them up from everyday practice and spiritual studying.

Thai Massage

Things to do in Bangkok – Thai conventional massage can be traced returning to hundreds years ago when Buddhist monasteries made it as a type of preventative health care for monks. Currently, a popular form of therapeutic massage combines acupressure, assisted pilates postures, and Ayurveda using oil and lotion.