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Owning a pet brings its own set of responsibilities for you. Petcare is the foremost concern for pet parents. Before bringing in a new member to your family, you must be willing to accept them physically and mentally. Though we don’t understand their language, seeing a puppy or cat creates a bond of affection. We can’t resist ourselves to get caught in the willingness in their eyes. 

The furry creatures have a charm that compels us to bring them home. With immense love and friendship, you must ensure lifetime commitment and companionship to your pets. Their happy health and well-being depend on you for the rest of their life. Like you must consider it so your pet won’t get bored.

Undoubtedly, pets bring unconditional love and joy to our lives. Dogs and cats are adorable and playful beings that need special care. The more you love them, the more they love you. 

To ease you off with the pet care during these testing times, DCC provides pet consultation online at your and your furry friend’s level of comfort. You must know when your pet needs your presence. Read on to unveil the medical issues associated with your pets’ health. 

Listen to Your Pet’s Needs

1. Unusual Eating Habits

Cats or dogs don’t easily skip their meal or vomit frequently. Before the situation aggravates, consider this sign as a red flag for your pet’s health. If your pet dog or cat continues to do so for more than a day, get a diagnosis done immediately. Often, pets pick on things to chew on which aren’t the best for their health, so we must keep a close. This is where DCC Animal Hospital steps in and takes care of your pet with a fully-equipped intensive care unit. 

2. More Liquid Consumption 

Being a pet parent, you should keep your eyes on the eating habits of your pets and know how much water they drink in a day. However, the playfulness and outdoor activities of the pets may cause them to consume more water. But the frequent and consistent increasing thirst may be a sign of developing kidney disease or diabetes. If you observe more than usual refilling of the water bowl and more urination in dogs, get a consultation with the expert doctors at DCC.

3. Lethargic and Inactive

Most of the time, pets dance and play with you. If your pet seems sluggish and tired, it is a sign of concern. An inactive cat or dog would deny going out and playing. Generally, high temperatures might cause fatigue or sore muscles. See a veterinarian at the earliest best in that case.

Strengthen your bond with the little fluffy and adorable pets with DCC care. Somehow if you can’t take them to the hospital, we also provide online consultation for pets. So, what’s the hold-up? Consult with the doctors to avail the services and take care of your pets anytime, anywhere. 

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