Time To Spacewalk: Are Space Traveling Companies Ready?

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A few decades ago, traveling to space was only a reserve of the best scientists in astronomy under government agencies. A few years into the 21st century, this landscape changed when the first seven tourists successfully traveled into space and back. Space traveling is opening up quickly as more companies, form Virgin Galactic to Blue Origin, are working extra hard to develop modern space vehicles. 

What is Space Walking?

As space-traveling becomes a common name, people are now looking at different activities to help them optimize their experience. For example, some indicate they want to experience weightlessness because of zero gravity, but spacewalking draws more interest. So, are you ready to spacewalk

Spacewalking, commonly known as extravehicular activity, is any activity or movement when you are out in space. When you alight from a space vehicle, you are deemed to have spacewalked. Alexei Leonov was the first person to spacewalk, which he did for 10 minutes. It is a unique experience that people have only seen in science fiction movies and, therefore, would want to experience in their lifetime. 

Is Spacewalking Safe?

While spacewalking is undoubtedly captivating, people only want to engage if they are sure it is safe. The truth about this is that it is a pretty risky undertaking, and we will reveal the reason. The environment in space is full of risks, such as temperature extremities and cosmic radiation

The long list of risks with spacewalking should not stand on your target to enjoy space traveling. If you have the right pressurized equipment that can prevent the entry of harmful radiation and ample oxygen from tanks, it is possible to spacewalk safely. Space travel companies are also adding new safety rules to make spacewalking safer. 

What Space Tourism Companies Offer Spacewalking Services?

As spacewalking becomes the activity of choice for many people, companies offering space travel services are researching ways to make the experience even more enjoyable. However, the risks involved and the cost of the equipment would make space travel very expensive. As a result, the price is likely too high for many people.

Astronauts who have spacewalked in the past indicate that the process requires a lot of training. Such coaching is also expected to push the cost higher. Remember that even the actual spacewalking would require the direct supervision of experienced guidance of experts during space travel. With all the complexities, risks, and high costs, no company is willing to offer spacewalking as yet.

This post has demonstrated that space traveling is expected to become the order of the day as more people look for new ways to travel with a difference. Although no company is willing to offer spacewalking activity yet because of the complexities involved, it is likely to become part of the main activities in the coming years as researchers explore ways of doing it safely. To maintain a competitive edge, Andrey Bokarev indicates that companies in space tourism have to get away of meeting the expectations of their clients, including spacewalking

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