Tips And Tricks to Prepare for CBSE Exams With NCERT Solutions

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NCERT Solutions is highly essential for CBSE students to build on subject knowledge. NCERT stands for National Council of Education Research and Training.

Students who are yet to appear for the CBSE Board Exams need special attention for their studies and therefore CBSE NCERT solutions are helpful as these solutions provide a target-oriented curriculum.

NCERT Solutions for CBSE exams

Utilizing these books for preparation has various benefits. The books give proper depth of knowledge to the students and make their concepts clear, they also provide the solutions to be able to check the answers.

According to the survey, it is identified that most of the questions that come in the CBSE exams are from the NCERT textbooks and solutions directly. As the solution follows the CBSE syllabus, therefore the study materials are enough for the students to prepare for the board exams.

A student gets a clear concept about the subject and can understand and solve problems easily. Every subject has respective solutions and following them makes the task easy for all students.

Self-studying– In order to gain good marks in the board exams of CBSE, the student needs to focus on self-studying and understanding the NCERT books. The CBSE NCERT solutions help the students to understand and concentrate on their studies in an easier way.

The curriculum followed by respective schools must be followed with care and CBSE NCERT solutions can be used as extra preparation for the board exams.

It is important to know the topic (or chapter) in detail. For this, the off-line or online classes are most helpful. There can be no substitute for understanding a particular idea directly from the teacher.

However, when a student is able to grab the idea, the solutions available online or in printed forms can be extremely helpful in increasing efficiency.

Solving exercises– The NCERT solutions provide various exercises from every chapter. These are to be practiced and solved so that the student knows what questions to expect. By doing this, all the queries get cleared easily. If doubts persist, the teachers are more than ready to clear them.

Solving sample papers and papers from the previous year– Solved papers from the CBSE board are very much essential. The solutions to this problem are already provided in the NCERT solutions and textbooks.

These help the students to learn and solve the papers and improve their level of knowledge. In this way, the students get broad exposure to various study materials and questions that might come in the exam.

Sample papers generally provide the possible questions that might come in their exam and help them to get prepared with the NCERT solutions. Along with that, the previous years’ papers also provide an idea about the questions that might appear during the examination.

Concentrating during the last few days– The last few days before the exam are vital and it is essential no time is wasted. Revisions with the help of the CBSE NCERT solutions should be done to solidify concepts and information. It is also essential for the students to stick to their routine of study.

If the student is completely prepared with the CBSE NCERT solutions, then success in board exams can be assured.


The above-provided tips and tricks will be beneficial for the student to get prepared for the CBSE exams with the help of CBSE NCERT solutions. The students will be able to study better and achieve good scores through the NCERT solution.

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