Tips on how to get rid of pesky pests in your property


Pests are living things, either animals, plants, or microorganisms, that negatively affect human lives. They can be an unwanted plant, commonly known as a weed in the garden, a fungus, a microbe, an insect, and other unwanted or undesirable animals due to the harm they bring to our life and the environment.

Pests injure humans, plants or crops, and other animals. When they damage our crops, they reduce human resources’ availability, quality, or value. They contaminate our food and water; they ruin our possessions. Worst, they spread diseases that can be fatal. Finally, they cause discomfort, annoyance, or inconvenience to human activities.

Cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes are the most common pests worldwide. They are tiny creatures but are harmful when infested in a particular area. Cockroaches lurk in dirty dishes, crumbs on the floor, garbage, and other dirty corners inside and outside our homes. They are found to be allergen sources, and they can cause asthma. They can also carry bacteria that can be transmitted to our food if left uncovered. Flies, however, are responsible for transmitting diseases and contaminating our food.

In Tacoma, West Nile Virus was found in mosquito samples. It alarmed Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, and they made a significant effort to prevent the virus from causing public health problems. Among the pests common in the environment, mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous because they carry diseases and transmit them to humans in just a bite. Did you know that mosquitoes kill one million people worldwide every year, according to research?

We are aware of the harms of those common pests, but did you know there are also unique pests that can cause damage to humans?

In Tacoma, where there are around 15 libraries within the city, Silverfish might be lurking in books and other paper products. This insect is easily identifiable due to its unique appearance – bristle-like tails and silvery metallic scales. They can survive for many weeks without food and water and live for more than 300 days (about ten months) with just water, making it hard to control and eliminate. In homes, they usually settle in dark, damp spaces. They have a huge appetite and will munch on anything, including stored items in your pantry. Silverfish can spread diseases, contaminate food, and damage things in your home, including your clothes. If you encounter these pests, Tacoma pest control has your back.

Another pest to watch out for in Tacoma is Earwigs. This pest prefers living outside or garden where there is enough moisture. However, these strange-looking insects can also thrive inside buildings, homes, garages, and bathrooms. They do not pose a risk to humans; however, they can be challenging to control when they invade in numbers.

If familiar or unique pests have infested your property, call a professional you can count on. Do not DYI because it might just cause a bigger problem. A pest control team or company is an expert in dealing with any pest. They have proper ways to find immediate relief. They do things fast and efficiently because they have the appropriate knowledge and solution to the problem. They can offer comprehensive services in removing pests and preventing them from infesting your home.

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