Tips on how to Name Your Product: Offering Your Product an Engaging Brand Name

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Where have you ever been caught in a situation where you have a fantastic business idea but are most likely clueless about where to start? You do have a great product or service, and you solidly believe that this will be the next growing trend. But then you ask yourself, “How shall I name our product? ”

These are challenges that hinder aspiring internet marketers to transform their ideas into actuality. Branding can be a daunting activity. And if not done properly, it can significantly tarnish your current brand image. Creating a label with the perfect fit is challenging for most of us. Choosing a label requires an exhaustive analysis and usually consumes a lot of time. A label name is one of the most powerful parts of messaging. It’s also one of the most everywhere components of any branding plan.

Research conducted by the Asia Economic Times reveals that will out of 139 marketing specialists, a majority said that the brand label is the most important element in logos. More important than the slogan along with the logo. Moreover, According to Geologi Ries, a world-renowned article author, and a marketing strategist:

“Your name stands alone on the internet, so that you better have a good just one. ”

– Al Ries, The Law of Proper Identify

Due to the complexity of the marketing process, people come up with their own personal strange ideas to cut often the chase.

In Egypt, several named their firstborn little princess “Facebook”. They were inspired by the role of Social Media in the Jun 25 2011 revolution in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The daddy, Jamal Ibrahim, was consequently happy with Facebooks’s role in organizing protests in Tahrir Square and the nearby locations. He named his little princess “Facebook Jamal Ibrahim. micron

Filipinos on the other hand, are these creative lads. They certainly did not run out of ideas. They will come up with a plethora of exchanges combining their children’s initial names. They always flaunt an uncanny output. Articles are Rubylyn Bakeshop (names Ruby and Lyn combined) and Lilyma Enterprises (Lily and Mario combined), to name a few. In the view of the owners, that’s the finest brand name ever created.

Nevertheless, they were relieved from reading the tedious branding practice and avoided paying off often the Branding expert’s hefty rates, this tactic is ephemeral. This will likely work locally, but will at some point falter when the product actually reaches the international scene. When you want to build a great company, don’t name your dog Blackie. Don’t just be creative, end up being smart. Always anticipate that will overtime, your brand goes global. It pays to be all set.

OK, let’s get into that.

Here are the 3 characteristics of your great product name:

one Limit your name to beneath 10 characters.

Using 6-7 chars to a label is ideal. Of course, there will be exclusions. This is not carved in natural stone. There are some great brands that can be longer that 10 charrettes. Like National Geographic, Harley- Davidson, Coffee Bean, and also Tea Leaf (CBTL). Still, over time, these long manufacturers discovered the benefits of using a reduced version of their names by way of abbreviation or the use of shortened forms. Network Solutions eventually acquired Netsol. com for convenience. Ergo, if you can create a quick name early on, the better. Reduced names are ideal for so many causes:

It’s easy to remember,
Easy to sort when people search on Google.
Effortless logo placement in advertising and marketing mediums.
2 . Remember “USSR” – Unique, Easy to Declare, Spell, and Remember


It is a noisy world. We are occupied with more than 300 messages daily. How will you stand out from the sea connected with advertisements? One way to be particular is by combining root thoughts like Facebook, Scotch Record, Band-Aid, Post-it, etc.

Portmanteau defined:

“Portmanteau is the blend of two or more words into one concept. ”

Some well-known company portmanteaus are Microsoft, Groupon, and Amtrak. You can modify and blend words including Netflix, Pinterest, Kleenex, Twitter, and Krispy Kreme. Work with abstract names. The likes of Xerox, Zipper, Jacuzzi, Velcro, Taser, and Kraft, evolved into big brand names. Avoid using hyphens or prefixes like “my”, “super” or “the” in that case attaching the company name. Follow root words whenever possible. Lower the prepositions.

Easy to Declare

It is easier to ask for a program when you’re at the shops if your name is easy to articulate. For example, take Façonnable (fa-SON-ah-blush), the French apparel model. This is challenging to articulate and difficult to remember.

Easy to Tap out

You don’t want to use the color Fuchsia as part of your brand name. Just about anything I do, I can’t spell that right. This will also needlessly complicate your optimization efforts in the SERPs (SEO). More of this is within the article.

Easy to Remember

Essentially the most memorable way to name a firm is by using alliterations.

Alliteration characterized:

“Alliteration is the repetition of your sound in multiple words and phrases. ”

Great examples are usually Johnson & Johnson, and Gumgum. And we have our reveal on this. Our very own Nognog: a famous brand of fried crunchy corn during the ’80s and 90’s that’s liked by everyone. This became a staple in every drinking celebration. Another of course is Tira-Tira. An elastic, chewable candies made from sugar and coconut milk. This candy grew to be every kid’s favorite due to its sweet taste and chewable nature. The Pinoy creation never fails to impress.

3. Simply no negative connotations.

Here are some words and phrases, when translated to another vocabulary or used in other forms, that may possibly connote a different meaning. Thus make sure you choose a name that is not offensive to others.

Ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. P&G launched a new detergent in the US named “Dreck. inches “Dreck” sounded like A language like the german word for dirt, rubbish, body waste, and a four-letter expletive that cannot be posted elsewhere.

In Japan, automakers have marketed the Mazda Laputa. Unfortunately, this manufacturer will not sell to Spanish-speaking countries where “laputa” implies “the prostitute. ”

In the same way, during the 1950s, there was a Swedish car magazine known as “Fart. ” “Fart” is actually a Swedish word meaning “speed. ” Though is ALRIGHT in Sweden, this would bring about considerable embarrassment when the newspaper goes international.

You should also consider the way people will relate to a new name’s meaning. Pen Area, when used as a URL of your website (penisland. com), is not fair and will be obscene to other individuals.

In other words, naming your solution doesn’t have to be that tedious after all. Just follow this kind of simple guidelines, know your solution, do a little research, and at this time there you go. You can create a convincing brand name in a breeze.

Jovel Cipriano is the creator of Joel’s 20 years of experience in the field of the USB ports and Entrepreneurship is the power behind all his victories. He is a sought-after capacity in the fields of eCommerce, Sales, Internet Marketing, and Exportation. Jovel has received numerous prizes both from local in addition to international organizations. He managed to graduate from the University of Korea with a double degree in Computer Science and in Vacation. Jovel is a fitness lover and enjoys active athletics, traveling, and exploring spectacular local cuisines.

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