TNR Grand Long Khanh urban area project

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Tnr Grand Long Khánh project is a model urban area invested and developed by investor TNR Holdings Vietnam in the area of ​​Long Khanh city, Dong Nai province. full of potential

TNR Long Khanh Residential Project is one of the first projects of TNR in the Southeast province with the largest area in the country. especially bringing a lot of potential for economic development to the region

Information about the latest updated TRN Grand residential project in 2021:

Name of TNR Grand Long Khanh

Investor of project TNR Holdings Vietnam

Project Location TNR Project, Xuan Trung Ward, Long Khanh City, Dong Nai Province

Direct Distributor of the investor TNR Holdings

Project scale 30 hectares

Type of real estate project land

Number of land products 1,279 lots and apartments

Area 5 * 20 , 7 * 20 … ( 100 -200 m2 )

Building construction regulations Freedom according to standard planning

Legal pink book each background

Form of long-term use of land

Delivery time: in 2022

Evaluation of the location of the TNR Grand Long Khanh project:

The project owns a central location in Xuan Trung ward, Long Khanh city with many factors such as:

The first is adjacent to Long Khanh industrial park and expanded by 50 hectares in Binh Loc commune.

Second, the project of TNR Long Khanh industrial relocation in Hang Gon is invested by Sonadezzi.

Third, the Dau Giay – Phan Thiet highway; Dau Giay – Lien Khuong; North South. And finally, Long Thanh airport.

Those are the outstanding factors that make the project have the advantage of being located at the foot of the cauldron of the Southeast region’s economy.

The project is to the south with Long Khanh, creating a strong connection belt with Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc provinces.

=> Long Khanh city owns a beautiful prime location, has many arterial roads passing and is located near the Ho Chi Minh City – Dau Giay – Long Thanh expressway project, convenient to Long Thanh international airport and neighboring provinces. close.

Who is the Investor of TNR Grand Long Khanh Project?

TNR Grand Long Khanh Investor is: TNR Holdings Vietnam Real Estate Investment Development Joint Stock Company (TNR Holdings Vietnam) is a member of TNG Holdings Vietnam Group.

Contact Long Khanh project sales department to be updated with the latest price list in the area of ​​Long Khanh city, Dong Nai.

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