Top 10 Audio Editing Software for PC Review in 2022


Most audio editing software can be too complicated sometimes for general users. It can sometimes be problematic while completing basic tasks and when you don’t have any skill or experience. Besides the experienced users, the number of newish users has risen over the last few years. And so, selecting the efficient audio editing software for PC is mandatory. But among a large number of available software for audio editing, which one can be the effective one? We have arranged the best audio editing app for the PC guide by researching well.

The Best Audio Editing Software for PC

Veeware Audio Editor

Veeware Audio Editor is the most accepted, efficient, effective, reliable, and best audio editing app for PC. It comes with high-quality audio editing features and a simple interface that both professional and novice users can efficiently operate and maintain. Audio editing tools help make the audio editing process the easiest and most optimized way.

All users, including musicians, media creators, broadcasters, short and long video creators, and dubbers, can use Veeware Audio Editor.

Veeware Audio Editor


  • Cut, trim, delete, and copy-paste any portion of your audio files with a click.
  • Allow inserting audio from any position you want.
  • Combine two or more two sounds without losing quality.
  • Get ultimate mixing control by mixing two audios or customize any section of the audio.
  • Fade in/fade-out effect in sound, remove background noise, and remove vocal from audio.
  • Unmute audio to remove silences or increase/adjust audio volume and tone of the sound.
  • Keep sound pitch unchanged and change audio speed.
  • With the same tempo, change the timbre of the audio.
  • Edit audio files without compromising quality and get HD audio.
  • Supported audio formats include mp3、ogg、flac、m4a、wav、amr、aiff、aifc、caf、wv、mmf、ape、3gp、avi、swf、and more.


Audacity audio editor is efficient for open-source editing. Several professionals use the Audacity tool to fulfilling several reliable audio editing requirements. You can change pitch or speed within a few minutes in just a single click. It has features for completing the tasks, such as live audio recording via the microphone or audio mixer. The problem is not that secure.

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  • Record live sound and change the pitch or speed.
  • Record computer playback supported on Windows Vista or later machines.
  • Convert video records and tapes into digital recordings or CDs.
  • Edit different sound documents such as MP2, MP3, WAV, AIFF, and OggVorbis.


The Audiotool works well for quick editing. It has the facility to have almost everything sorted for you. You will get multiple samples and presets to help you complete the editing requirement quickly in minutes. Sign up for free, and use a one-step process to save time. This tool works well for music creators but not for all levels of users.

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  • Offer a modular structure and come with samples and presets.
  • Easy file storage in Cloud
  • Features like configurable workflows, data synchronization, collaboration, etc.
  • Use it to listen to audio clips and add music to personalized albums.

Adobe Audition CC

Adobe Audition CC has known for becoming an effective audio editing tool for sound effects. It offers several features for podcast videos and multiple other works. Professionals are welcome to use its sound effect design features for film-making. You will get a great edit and workflow and save the working time. Adobe Audition CC is more suitable for professional rather than general users.

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  • Allow getting diagnostics sound panels, effects, and more to edit any sound.
  • With Adobe, add oomph to the sound files.
  • Record, repair, restore, edit, and integrate music clips.
  • Rearrange any song automatically to fit any duration with Remix.


For audio restoration, the WavePad audio editor has a great choice. WavePad comes with advanced tools and audio restoration features that are helpful for professional editing. WavePad can quickly cut and copy any portion of the audio file. It allows compressing the pitch-shifting mode too. This tool is not so professional as Adobe Audition but suitable for music creators.


  • Noise reduction tool to eliminate minimal background sounds.
  • Edit the audio from your video files without the requirement of any signup.
  • Audio restoration features, include DirectX and virtual studio technology DLL.
  • Enjoy real-time splitting, editing noise, and saving your audio files.


Acoustica editing tool works excellent for unlimited undo and redo. Because of having a slot for multi-track editing, Acoustica comes with several analyzers and features to complete your work. There are a spectrum and a spectrogram to save up a lot of time to edit the audios. Music creators than general users, prefer Acoustica.


  • Mixnumerousvoice files in real-time to develop audios.
  • Tools for looping or mixing them to reduce the background noise. The option of
  • Spectral editing mode for removing noise using AI.
  • Multi-track editing, processing tools, chains, audio restoration, and plugins.


Ocenaudio, an open-source audio editor for general users, offers you a complete spectrogram and support for cross-platforms. Besides availability for all systems, the interface is easy to operate. You are free to edit almost every audio file with the help of its real-time preview feature. It doesn’t come with a user-friendly interface.


  • Support the VST plugin and allow a real-time preview of effects
  • Multi-selection for the editions of delicate.
  • Allow editing of every pitch and tone of the audio file.
  • Edit the files instantly or allow making multiple changes.


TwistedWave helps to change pitch and speed. All other video editing and creating processes become more manageable with its offered features. And so, TwistedWave is also a more straightforward platform for converting sound and audio files. It has multitasking abilities and amplifying qualities to get a satisfactory result.

But the best solution for editing audio would be buying a platform like Veeware Audio Editor.


  • Vertical Zoom toolbar icon and drag-and-drop option to adjust the volume.
  • There are tools for fade-in, fade-out to make transitions, and maximum audio file attenuation.
  • Easy to normalize options with sampling rate conversion.
  • Get the editing cuts and crossfades at any time.


Wavosaur is well-known for processing and recording sounds. This editor comes with a Multiple Document Interface for converting files into a single extension. It includes multiple audio capabilities and classic editing options that have made the process much easier to work with. You can record audio quickly with a mic.


  • Real-time resampling and crossfade loop.
  • Batch processing and converting batch files without much requirements for time.
  • The volume envelope automation feature for embracing every option
  • Support extension, 2D spectrum, and 3D spectrum.

Amadeus Pro

Amadeus Pro is known and used primarily because of having a simple interface that helps to use any audio file easily. You can easily use Amadeus Pro for batch processing, multiple mp3 files on one, and completing various files at once. Amadeus Pro allows CD burning. With this product, you will get a decent interface.


  • Come with powerful batch processing functions to save some time.
  • Provide customization flexibility to adjust the editor.
  • Multi-track Editor and convert vinyl or tapes to CD.
  • Multiple sound effects and plugins are installed already.


Finally, we shall end our discussion about the best audio editing software for PC. Among all the relevant tools, consider Veeware the most efficient and best audio editing app for PC because of its all-in-all facilities and multiple powerful features, and a simple operating facility.

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