TOP 5 Accessories Every iPhone User Absolutely Needs

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A new iPhone model is released every year. Though minor changes and upgrades are made, you can still use accessories from the previous models. You have to admit, and the iPhone is already expensive. Best way to find the Stickers.

It would be great if your old accessories worked with the newer models. It would save you a lot of money. That is not always the case. If it’s not in the box, you would have to buy a new one. You might even come to a point wondering how to make your AirPods louder.

However, people do not buy iPhones to save money. It is more than a usable smartphone, and it is a lifestyle choice. In some cases, a status symbol. People buy an iPhone to show off that they are loaded. You can always take it to the next level by checking out the six accessories every iPhone user needs.

1.  AirPods

It’s the first thing new users check when they open the box. The AirPods are the second most expensive thing after the iPhone itself. Though these earphones are available in every release, it is still worth checking out. It is small, wireless, stylish, and powered by Bluetooth. They are a mark of being at the height of fashion and technological advancement.

You can also personalize it by getting a silicone casing or attaching a chain, so you do not lose your AirPods. However, these earphones are bad news to people who misplace things easily. But with the second-generation AirPods at $129, it is understandable why Apple fans find this accessory an absolute need to purchase. If money is no object, you can always upgrade to AirPods Pro, AirPods third generation, and AirPods Max! Each with improved sound quality and style.

2.  A Lightning Cable

You are probably not an iPhone user if you have not run to the other room to get your charger. It is common knowledge among fans that Apple products need to be constantly charged because they lose battery quickly, and this is why you need to have the lightning cable with you at all times. Just make sure it’s compatible with your iPhone!

You can either plug this cable into an outlet via an adapter or into your computer’s USB port. The lightning cable is also portable charger-friendly if you are always on the go. Aside from its charging functions, you can also use this to transfer photos, videos, and music to your iPhone. Its multifunctionality will save you and your phone from trouble!

3.  Durable Protective Casing

Admit it–you immediately buy a protective casing as soon as you receive your new iPhone. Good thing there are so many cases to choose from, and it is easy to understand why this simple task can be overwhelming. The best thing about iPhone cases is you can customize and add pizzazz to them however you like!

Most will opt for a transparent silicone case because you can put pictures, stickers, and even money on it. Meanwhile, others prefer a two-piece shock-proof case for maximum protection. To the person who gets easily bored, a case with a game on the back can be as simple as Tetris or as adventurous as a console game. Stylish business people prefer a leather case with slots for cards, IDs, and bills. Whether you want to protect your iPhone or customize it even further, the choice for the best protective casing is up to you.

4.  HomePod mini

You can do everything on your iPhone that you never thought were possible: edit photos, read a book, and watch a movie. But you have to admit, your ears hurt, and it gets a bit tiring when you are using the AirPods for too long, especially while binge-watching. If finding quality speakers is your problem, time to check out why the HomePod mini is the best solution.

It is a good thing that this speaker is among the vast roster of new Apple products. The HomePod mini is tiny, but it can fill a whole room with its sound. You can choose between the five colors: space gray, blue, yellow, orange, and white. It is straightforward to use too! And if interacting with Siri is a daily struggle, you can now easily reach her through voice command! This multipurpose speaker is an absolute steal for $99. Your ears and your home would be much happier with the HomePod mini.

5.  Apple AirTags

Misplacing items is a massive problem for anyone. You are lucky if it turns up at the lost and found, and if not, consider it gone. But if you are a meticulous and organized person, organizing would be a breeze. Tags and labels on everything, even on your pet’s collar, make sure that it has your name and number so people would have an easier time returning it.

You can track your lost iPhone with an app, but it is not ideal. It is a good thing that Apple is offering the AirTag. With the tagline “lose your knack for losing things,” you are sure never to forget them again. You can now easily track your iPhone and other Apple products by attaching the AirTag. It may look small, but you can attach it to everything, including your wallet and car keys! You don’t have to worry about losing anything ever again, especially your iPhone.


Smartphones are a necessity but getting yourself an iPhone is considered a luxury. This phone has the merits most smartphones have, but it is the interface people are after. It is much easier to navigate and user-friendly. Though not everyone agrees with the price, you cannot deny how it is as much a status symbol as a high-end brand purse is. Accessorizing and customizing the iPhone is necessary to make it truly yours. But whatever you put in or on, it should be something you need. Remember to visit to check out any iPhone games, accessories, and reviews that you might have missed!

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