Top 5 Brand Awareness Metrics You Should Know About

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Every business has its own brand. How strong that brand is depends on how much others interact with it. The most valuable interaction is when people buy your brand. That shows they value it enough to pay for it.

The strongest brands interact with their potential customer base long before customers part with their money. The quality, frequency, and meaning of those interactions all add to your brand strength and awareness in the marketplace.

Brand awareness metrics are tools that you can use to develop the effectiveness of your brand. In this article, you’ll learn about 5 essential metrics.

1. Website Visitors

Website visitors are a little bit like footfall in a shop. The more people visiting your website, the more likely you are to generate income. True, many visitors will be just browsing so to speak, but the fact they are on your website means they’re aware of your brand.

If very few people are visiting your site on a regular basis, you’ve got a problem. Either way, you need to know this vital metric. You can use free tools from Google Analytics to help you measure your website visitor statistics.

2. Sharing is Caring

Social media is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness. The more people connecting with you on social media and sharing your posts and updates, the bigger the digital footprint you’re creating for your brand.

Social media shares are a useful way of measuring how relevant you are in the marketplace. It also allows you to assess the effectiveness of other marketing streams by watching the timing of upsurges in social interest.

3. Friends Follow Each Other

Facebook is recognized as a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool all over the world. The number of people following your business page on Facebook is another basic measure of how wide your brand awareness goes.

As an example, over 35 million people are regularly interacting with the Starbucks Facebook page. A successful marketing campaign will seek to boost your Facebook following, so make sure you include this in your brand awareness metrics.

4. Backlink Buddies

Backlinks are links from other sites to your site. Sites link to you because they perceive you as adding value to whatever the linked subject is. For example, general sites will link to and cite reference sites that are authorities in their own subject area.

You can create links to your site by contributing to other sites and linking back to your own site. As a general rule, this requires quality content. So keep an eye on the number of backlinks as a way of seeing your brand’s presence grow on the internet.

5. Google Search Results

Depending on the search term, which search result page your website lands on with Google is a major measure of your brand awareness. If your site is landing on page 1, then you’re in the golden zone.

Any other page means you have work to do to develop your brand. Basic things like using a logo creator, creating regular original content, and social media updates will all help towards greater brand awareness.

Use Brand Awareness Metrics

In this article, you’ve read about 5 brand awareness metrics you should know about. If you don’t have a brand awareness strategy, then it’s unlikely to be growing.

Makes sure you use these metrics and keep investing in your brand and you will reap the digital rewards. Check out other helpful articles on our site that match your lifestyle and interests.

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