Top 6 Tips On How To Stay Safe At Events In 2023


In this read, we have gone through some event security pointers that we hope will assist you in implementing event safety and remaining safe at events in 2023. There will be different safety measures depending on the event you go to; for example, a fireworks display will be different from a sporting event. While on that topic, if you are looking for a fireworks display, do a google search for ”firework display near me”.

1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Suppose an emergency occurs in the said event; having appropriate footwear and clothing convenient to move in can play to your advantage, especially if you have to evacuate the premises quickly. Flat shoes are way better to run in compared to heels.

Moreover, wearing clothing that will shield you from the elements is critical if the event is held outdoors for an extended duration. Loose clothes can be caught when attempting to leave the premises, so avoid those types of clothing.

2. Stay Alert

Remaining watchful as the event progresses is essential because it can keep you and your buddies safe. If it’s a big event with lots of people, stay attentive and maintain a 360 degrees eye on your environment, searching for anybody acting fishy. Also, it is crucial to take note of bags that have been abandoned, as they may present a potential security risk. If you spot any unaccompanied suitcase (s), immediately report it to a security guard.

3. Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

First off, alcohol can suggest that you lose your faculties and start to be unaware of your environment – which indicates that you won’t be aware or attentive to what’s going around you.

Due to this, if there’s a problem at the event, you won’t be in the right frame of mind to react safely, which places you in peril. Being under the influence of alcohol also implies that you’ll respond abnormally and likely be unruly – resulting in you endangering your life. Secondly, alcohol dehydrates the body, making you thirsty and possibly even pass out. For this reason, accompany your drink with water to remain hydrated.

4. Make Sure Your Phone Is Charged

Most people these days have smartphones, which provide an excellent means to communicate with others, regardless if you are separated during a function or have to reach out to emergency services. So it is integral that you ensure your phone has been fully charged before going to an event to ascertain that you can link up with others.

If the event stretches through the day or over several days, consider buying a portable charger to ensure the battery is healthy. Portable chargers are affordable but can assist you when you need them the most. So long as there’s a mobile network, you can quickly contact anyone you want if the need arises.

5. Share Your Location And Plans With Others

If you are going to a significant function where a large crowd is expected, you must tell your family and friends where you will be and the approximate time you’ll return home. This is essential because if an emergency or bad incident happens, your loved ones will be aware you were at the scene and can proceed to contact emergency services for help if you haven’t been heard.

Another excellent idea is sharing your location using the GPS on your smartphone so your close ones can easily track your movement in large crowds – this feature can be switched off and on, so it won’t always share your location if you don’t want to.

6. Remain Calm

If an incident occurs, staying calm and thinking rationally about how you’ll handle the situation is integral. If possible, inhale profoundly and assess your surroundings. Trust your gut and reach out to a staff member to request help if you don’t feel safe.

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