Top Earrings Every Fashion Girl Should Own

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Earrings are one of the most important accessories to transform your look from boring to bold. It is a piece of jewelry that can make a huge impact on your style. Whether you are a fashion diva, a sophisticated working lady, or a preppy kind of personality, there are earrings to fascinate you. With huge collection boasting of different sizes, styles, colors, patterns, and lengths, there is definitely something for everyone.

After all, it is a good pair of earrings from a cocktail collection of that you need to raise your style statement. Given below are the top three picks for earrings that are a must-have for every woman.

#1. Stud Earrings

Needless to say, studs are one of the most popular earrings. There is hardly any lady on this earth who might not have heard or talked about these enthralling stud earrings. Being simple and sober, these earrings promise to scream elegance in the most subtle manner. Inspired by minimalist thought this earring features a simple stone or ball. It snug fits your ears and gives a floating appearance. Though round stud earrings are most sought after, check here to discover studs in more modern styles and diamond cuts.

#2. Threader Earrings

These are pull-through earrings that easily pass through your earlobes to exude a dangling effect from both ends of the ears. These earrings hang through a gentle chain and may feature a gemstone bobble, motif, or any geometric shape at ends to showcase the fluidity of the chain. These earrings take a minimalistic approach and have a slimmer profile that creates a stylish yet pretty look. The unique design of these earrings gives you the freedom to style them in a variety of ways. Pair it with ethnic attire or western wear, the threader earrings will look equally appealing.

#3. Teardrop earrings:

Just like drop earrings, teardrop earrings hang low down from your earlobes. These earrings have a dangling effect and may feature pear cut or pave cut diamonds. These earrings are distinguishable by their elongated and curved teardrop. The length of teardrop earrings falls between studs and chandeliers. These earrings are more exotic and may have different bejeweling to fit different styles.

#4. Chandelier Earrings:

Yet another dangling earring, chandeliers are generally elaborate. These earrings resemble the shape of chandeliers used for decorating homes. The chandelier earrings have layered adornments and jewels that lend earrings a flowy glamorous appearance. As these earrings dangle from your ears they tend to grab attention instantly. Additionally, because of their heavy look, these earrings are best to be worn for parties, weddings, and festivals.

Final Words

Whatever day or occasion it is, you have the right set of earrings to complement your look. Without earrings, your look is never complete so never dare to leave your home without a pretty pair of earrings.

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