Top Five Shops like Brandy Melville

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Do you know why you need to know about shops like Brandy Melville? It is so because brandy Melville is one of the renowned fashion brands in the entire fashion fraternity. It is also known for its exclusive designs and fewer sizes that deprive many of its exotic collection.

Therefore, we have enlisted a few shops for you so that you can flaunt your stunning dresses along with your smile. Let’s Dive in!

Shops like Brandy Melville

We have enlisted a few brands or shops that offer something similar to brandy Melville. Let us have a look.

1. ASOS 

The first in line is ASOS. It has a lot to offer, be it variety in style, range of sizes, or diverse models. You will find the essence of British street style in ASOS designs.

One can even find designs familiar with classic brands like Nike, Calvin Klien, and Vans. It is one of the stores that have the same young essence as brandy Melville.

You will find over 30 different sizes on its website. It offers a gender-neutral collection. The brand has 200+ models that portray; the brand catering to diverse customers. You can buy tees for as low as $10, jeans on sale for about $13, and dresses from $50-$700.

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2. Bershka

Bershka is conceivably one of the clothing stores that resemble brandy Melville the most. Its collection is a little streamlined, and it targets young customers. The tight, cropped, and short, pleated styles fill its inventory. Bershka operates in 70 different countries and has 1k personal stores.

Each store of the brand is decorated to drive the creative and expressive energies of a young aesthetic. You can get Trendy shirts and blouses for $30 and jeans for $50.

shops like brandy melville

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3. H&M

H& M is well-known for its sustainable collection. This brand utilizes recycled materials just like brandy Melville. It is also the only brand that accepts donations. H&M clothing is known for its accessibility along with affordable prices. You can have basics for as little as $7 or a structured coat for under $80 and Jeans for under $40.

H&M stores are packed with styles for teens and adult women created in neutral colors and easy-to-wear designs. The quality offered by H&M is slightly higher than other fast-fashion labels.

shops like brandy melville

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4. Free People 

Free People is the private label of Urban Outfitters, another one of the stores like brandy Melville that targets young folks. It started in the 1970s to offer young people more freedom with their wardrobe. The brand is known for its creative, feminine spirit.

The sizes offered range from XS-XL. You can have basic pieces under $40, breezy button-downs for $100+, and leggings for or under $80.

shops like brandy melville

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STORETS strives to offer a collective fashion experience. Designed for those with all kinds of backgrounds, the brand is all about connecting our differences through style.

STORETS has much more to offer than Brandy Melville. Although the brand designs are for people of different backgrounds, its models belong to a similar background, positioning it in almost the same category in terms of diversity.

shops like brandy melville

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Storet’s collection comprises a range of ripped denim, faux fur handbags, and plaid shackets. You can have basics from $20, oversized knits for $70, and many dresses for $50-$80.

Why above listed Shops like brandy Melville are an alternative to the brand?

  • Affordable & stylish Clothing options.
  • Seasonal sales & deals.
  • Wide Size Range.
  • Variety of clothing & accessories options.


Like many of you, we love Brandy Melville, but its limited-edition collection is a reason for concern. So, we enlisted a few shops like brandy Melville to take care of your wardrobe at all times.

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