Travel the World on $50 a Day


The key to saving money while travelling is to stick to a budget. You can save money by not allowing yourself to overspend on any single expense and planning. You should keep a journal of your expenses, track them in the budget, and cook meals at your accommodations. You can even buy train tickets to save money on transportation. Follow these tips to travel the world for $50 a day. You’ll be amazed at how far you can stretch your money!


While it might seem like budgeting to travel the world on $50 a night is impossible, it is possible! You can do several things to make your trip affordable, and reducing daily expenses is a good place to start. In addition to finding cheap flights, it is important to compare prices since some websites raise prices when they realize they have been returning customers for a few months. Try websites such as Skyscanner, Kiwi, and Momondo to compare the prices of flights.

In addition to accommodations and transportation, food is another expense that can consume a lot of your travel budget. Try to eat local food as much as possible, and if you can’t find cheap food, pick a street food stall. Also, remember that a nice meal in a fancy restaurant in France is well worth the extra money! Make a journal of your expenses to keep a record of them.

If you are on a tight budget, you can still afford a wonderful trip to Mexico. A $50 day can get you to great hostels, eat at local restaurants, and see a lot of the country. Of course, you can spend more than a few hundred dollars daily on a luxurious trip, but it can still be a fantastic experience. You should be able to spend between $35 and $50 daily, depending on your luxury level and travel style.

Tracking expenses in a journal

You must track your expenses in a journal when travelling on a budget. Travel costs include transportation, accommodation and food. Staying with locals or walking the city can stretch your budget. But don’t forget to splurge on some experiences in a different country. Don’t miss out on one nice meal in France just because it’s too expensive. To stay within your budget, you’ll need to make smart choices and set a budget for each category.

Even if you have to cut back on some of your expenses, $50 a day is reasonable to live on while travelling. Travelling on a budget of $50 a day eliminates the need for free camping, couch surfing, house sitting, wwoofing, and volunteering. While the number may seem small, it adds up over time. You can also use flexible travel plans to cut down on transportation costs.

Cooking in your accommodations

Luxury hotels and restaurants are out of the question when travelling on a budget. However, you can reduce expenses by cooking in your accommodations or looking for house-sitting jobs. It’s all about spending smartly, though. You’ll want to set a daily budget and stick to it. If you can, try to set money aside for various categories.

Another way to reduce transportation costs is to plan your trips with flexible flight times. For instance, consider purchasing a Round World plane ticket. This will drastically reduce transportation costs. In addition to cooking in your accommodations, you’ll be able to reduce your meals and grocery expenses by preparing them yourself. Sometimes, this will even allow you to cook in your accommodations to save money on your food bill.

Southeast Asian marketplaces

One of the most common problems travellers face is what to pack. While packing for Southeast Asia, it is best to go as light as possible, ideally only bringing a few essentials. If you need to bring clothes, do some laundry wherever possible. Most countries in Southeast Asia will do laundry within 24 hours for just a few dollars. Then, shop for cheap souvenirs in the streets and marketplaces.

When travelling in Southeast Asia, tourists should always carry cash and compare exchange rates before using it. Banks and exchange booths generally offer better exchange rates, so they carry plenty of cash. Similarly, avoid street vendors, who might be scams or sell you obsolete notes. Instead, stick to ATM cards. ATM cards offer the best balance of safety and convenience. A little research will go a long way!


Hostels are the way to go if you want to travel the world for less than $50 a day. You can get a cheap room and devote the rest of your budget to food and activities. If you want to see the sights, there are free tourist attractions that you can visit. You can also take advantage of hospitality exchange services. You can stay in the best hostels in town and save the rest for food.

Many hostels have kitchens. Using these facilities to cook meals is a great way to save money. You can also stay in private rooms, which are generally less expensive than the ones in hotels. In addition, these places usually provide free breakfasts. If you plan to stay in a hostel for a long time, you can work at the hostel to make extra money and stay longer. You can even save money by working at a hotel for a day.

You can choose the location that best fits your budget. In Australia, for example, you can visit the Outback and experience its wildlife. But Australia can be very expensive! However, you can still travel there on a tight budget. If you plan to visit the Outback or Australia, consider house-sitting or working for a room. You can also eat street food for very low prices.


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