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Although every car accident is unique, many vehicle occupants suffer injuries when a car accident or crash occurs. Some injuries may be minor, requiring little medical attention, while others may be catastrophic or even fatal, requiring long-term medical attention, which can be costly. 

When you survive a serious car accident injury, the road to recovery can be a long one. It may leave you with other losses such as loss of wages, pain and suffering, trauma, disability, and even the loss of future earning capacity. However, you can take legal action with the help of a Dallas car accident attorney to secure compensation from the liable party.

What are the typical car accident injuries in Texas?

The severity of the injuries car crash victims in Texas suffer may vary depending on the impact of the crash, the speed of the vehicles during the crash, where the victim was seated, and the point of impact. But generally, some of the common injuries car accident victims in Texas suffer include:

A concussion

This is a brain injury that can potentially impact the functioning of your brain. Symptoms of a head concussion may not manifest immediately after the accident and may range from mild to severe depending on the impact. It can lead to memory loss, headaches, migraines, confusion, and fatigue. It is best to seek medical attention promptly when you experience such signs.

Bone fractures

Many car accident victims suffer bone fractures, twisted or strained bones. You can potentially break your arm, hand, leg, feet, pelvic bone, or ribs in a car accident. Although fractured bones are rarely fatal, a broken bone can take years to heal in adults, and you may need costly surgeries. It can also lead to a prolonged absence from work, hence losing wages.

Muscle injuries

Muscle injuries occur in the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and other soft tissues. The danger of muscle injuries is that they require prolonged and costly rehabilitative care such as physical therapy.

Scrapes, cuts, and burns

Scrapes and cuts are often reported after car accidents when the window glasses shatter. They are also caused by other dangerous projectiles in the car, such as metal and unsecured items. Burns can also result when the skin rubs against the car’s body or when the impact sends one flying out of the car into the tarmac. Although scrapes, cuts, and burns are rarely life-threatening, they could leave you with permanent skin marks.

Psychological injury

Many people concentrate on the physical injuries of a car accident and overlook the impact of emotional trauma resulting from a car accident. A car accident can leave you with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic attacks, debilitating anxiety, or persistent flashbacks of the accident. Psychological injury resulting from a car accident requires long-term therapy and medications, which can also be costly.

What to do

A car accident in Texas can leave you with physical suffering, mental anguish, and costly medical bills. You may lose wages and may not be able to return to work in the future. A good thing is that you have legal recourse. With the help of a Dallas car accident attorney, you can seek compensation for your economic and non-economic damages.

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