What are the benefits offered by a comprehensive travel

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If you travel anywhere in the country or abroad, it will be wise to buy adequate travel insurance. Your plan document is likely to offer lots of benefits, something that you need to be aware about. Benefits, in insurance term can be expressed as a financial help or service provided by the plan. It is something that can help make your situation much better in case you experience trouble while travelling. You need to purchase your plan only from the best travel insurance companies in the country.

Travel insurance plans tend to include lots of assortment benefits. Hence, you need to carry out thorough research and identify the one that offers maximum trip protection. Some plans are also said to include Epidemic Coverage Endorsement to cover issues like Covid-19 virus related losses along with future epidemic. But benefits are likely to vary by plans something you need to be aware about.

Trip cancellation benefits

There can be last moment trip cancellation for various reasons. This will only prove to be expensive since most vacation rental companies, hotels, cruise lines, airlines, car rentals and tour operators might not refund the money that you had paid for booking the trip. Therefore, doing cancellations just before the scheduled departure day only means losing all the money. It is here that trip cancellation benefits get evoked and provides you with covered reimbursements. It is indeed a vital benefit as you can claim reimbursements for all non-refundable and prepaid expense right to the maximum benefit mentioned in the plan. But the reason for cancellation should be for some covered reason. Otherwise, uncovered reasons will activate the benefits.

What is ‘covered reason’ all about?

You can find it mentioned in various places in your insurance plan. This means, your travel insurance plan will not cover all possible circumstances. Rather, ‘covered reasons’ are specific named events or situations for which the plan provides reimbursements. When trip cancellation is concerned, common covered reasons will include serious injury or illness of the insured person or the travel companion. It can also be of the family member, destination or home getting rendered uninhabitable and other situations. You should buy an appropriate insurance plan immediately after making necessary travel arrangements to derive such benefits. The early insurance purchase made will allow longer coverage window.

Travel delay benefits

Your planned itinerary might not have a stop at a small town somewhere along the journey. But some natural calamity might cause you to stay there, thus increasing the cost of accommodation and meals. This will be covered by the travel delay benefits. If your trip is halted for some genuine reason, then things are made much better by travel delay benefits. It can provide reimbursement for lost prepaid expenses like accommodations, meals, transportation and communication during covered delay. Some plans might not require receipts to provide the reimbursement. However, you might have to show proof of the covered delay.

Trip interruption benefits

At times, your trip might require you to take some unexpected detour. You may probably have fractured your ankle during the trip. It could be that the tour bus has crashed, or a cyclone has slammed the resort. Whatever be it, the trip interruption benefit present in the plan will provide reimbursement for non-refundable, prepaid, unused expenses to maximum benefit mentioned in the plan.

It also provides reimbursements for additional covered expenses like transportation expenses incurred to return home or continue the trip. It may also cover additional accommodation fees, etc. In case you are stranded at some location because of trip interruption, then you should contact the insurance officials for prompt assistance. The expert team can identify the best way to either help you get back home or continue the trip safely. They may also provide assistance with new travel arrangements.

Concierge/Assistance Services

The travel insurance plans offer assistance to the insured people in every possible manner. It includes easy and quick access to round the clock hotline assistance. You can contact the officials by phone or through the app provided. These officials are knowledgeable enough to support customers to overcome various types of challenges, medical emergencies, changes made in travel plans, misplaced, stolen or lost luggage, lost travel documents, etc. A few plans include access to the insurance company’s concierge services. They are experts who promptly answer requests from clients ranging from extraordinary to the routine. Such services can provide assistance with event tickets, restaurant reservations, event planning, catering, special service referrals, sightseeing recommendations, etc. However, it is important to understand that you are responsible to bear the cost of tours, tickets, catering along with those items and services uncovered in the travel insurance plan.

Availing a comprehensive travel plan from Care Travel Insurance will ensure your trip is well covered and you make the journey safely without any worry.

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