What are the types of tow trucks?

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Car crashes are a tragic but all-too-common occurrence. In fact, among Australians aged 1 to 24, “land transport accidents” were one of the top causes of death. Nonetheless, commuting by car is an unavoidable aspect of life in Australia’s size. According to the Australian government, speeding is the leading cause of car accidents. As per a recent survey, 64% of Australians over 18 who hold a driver’s licence have been in at least one automobile accident. The tow truck tie-down system in Australia is used to transport these abandoned vehicles to an auto repair shop for repair or salvage.

Tow trucks can be used for more than just roadside assistance. Cars, heavy machinery, property, and trade products are transported using them. Tow trucks are designed to transport large objects without breaking down. They’re also heavy-duty trucks that can handle all kinds of terrain. Are you considering employing the services of a towing company? Knowing the different types of tow trucks and how they’re usually used will help you determine which towing vehicle will best suit your needs. There are four various tow trucks, and your requirements will pick the one you choose. Each type of tow truck has a specific usage and function. Moreover, you can find all types of towing services on https://towingless.com/

Flatbed tow trucks

The most common towing vehicles are flatbed tow trucks. They have a flat top and a long, empty bed. A hydraulics mechanism allows the flatbed to move upwards and downwards. It’s simple to set up, which is why it’s so popular. A vehicle that requires towing can either drive up the ramp or be towed up. These tow trucks are ideal for transporting cars that have broken down on the road. Flatbed tow trucks are also known as Slide tow trucks or Rollback.

Integrated tow trucks

Heavy-duty towing is best handled by integrated tow trucks. These trucks are suitable for construction vehicles, moving buses, and heavy rigs because the towing arm is implanted further into the truck frame. Additional axles provide better strength and stability. Quick Pick, Snatcher, Self-Loader, and Repo Truck are all terms for integrated tow trucks.

Hook and Chain tow truck

These types of tow trucks are used to transport a variety of vehicles. Hook and Chain tow trucks, which were once common, are no longer used because they put too much pressure on the towed car. In addition, the chain has the potential to further damage and scratch the vehicle. One should only use this tow truck to transport wrecked cars to salvage parts. However, it’s not suggested for 4WD vehicles because it may damage the powertrain.

Wheel lift tow truck

Tow trucks of this type are comparable to hook and chain tow trucks. The distinction is that instead of using a chain and hook, they utilize a metal yoke, which reduces the possibility of harming the pulled car. However, these low-cost tow trucks are not as secure as flatbed tow trucks.

Each tow truck has a specific mechanism that is appropriate for the situation. You’re probably going to be paying for one particular sort of truck, so choose the one that will secure your automobile and bring it safely to the next site. To provide a safe towing experience and a solid tow truck tie-down system in Australia, all truck drivers must know the truck they drive. A competent towing firm will be well-versed in the various truck kinds and will be able to provide its clients with the most appropriate towing truck.

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