What do you need to know about been verified removal?

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Being verified is one of the data brokers who shares your personal information online. To remove your information from Been Verified, you must follow the been verified removal procedure. To delete your data, you will need to fill out an opt-out form at Been Verified and confirm via email. Your removal request should be processed within 24 hours.

How to remove yourself from BeenVerified?

To remove yourself from BeenVerified, you can search your records. Enter your email address and request “Cancel”. After you request cancellation, BeenVerified will send you a confirmation email stating that the record has been approved and will not be returned in the future. You can create what is known as an OPT-OUT account. These accounts assure you that the information you asked for deletion has been deleted.

Next, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, and status of residence. Once you have narrowed your results to the way, you want. Start scrolling down the list. You will see an overview of each profile before you go to the real profile. Such information will include age, name, city/state of residence, related cities, and relatives. This is the process of been verified removal.

What is the next step in the been verified removal?

After you have found the profile, you want. To do so, click on the account or the arrow on the right. Once you have selected an account, you will be notified immediately that “Submit your opt-out request.” Make sure you use the correct email address. When the button is clicked, “Send confirmation email”, BeenVerified will email you. So your request can be approved for the been verified removal. BeenVerified makes it clear that they do not and will not sell email addresses provided to third parties. Before pressing “Search,” you will be presented with a list of frequently asked questions that BeenVerified will typically ask. Read these and press “Search.”You will be prompted by a window with the number of people matching the information you entered. 

BeenVerified: Does it really work?

In short, yes and no, although BeenVerified’s opt-out form says that your submission has been processed and your data will be deleted. That doesn’t mean it’s gone forever; something as simple as creating a Facebook account may reopen your contacts. If other people are searching for information about you, they must go to the county clerk’s office instead you can go to Google and type your name.

After you have followed the steps above and confirmed the opt-out email that BeenVerified has sent, all you can do is wait for them to review your request and remove your information accordingly. BeenVerified will refresh the base of their data every 24 hours only. If you want to check if your profile reappears, just visit the website periodically. (Every month/yearly) and find out for yourself.

Another great trick to ensure BeenVerified doesn’t republish is to set up Google Alerts with your name along with BeenVerified and you will receive an email notification almost immediately. All in all, there are many other sites besides BeenVerified that offer similar opt-out options.

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