What is a backlit trade show display?

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A Backlit display is a LED display to illuminate the show to be seen. If you’ve ever seen a cell phone with a backlight go out and then a picture left, you know what I’m saying. LED is a good light source unless used to eliminate the noticeable difference in intensity with an opaque diffuser.

The backlit trade show displays a popular design trend in the display industry. Backlighting with LED lights provides eye-catching aesthetics for an exhibition and provides a reasonable way to show display in any trade show. 

The display itself produces color and light separately in most cases. Shade is made on one level, and the backlight is built on another level.

Below are five types of backlit offers for trade show exhibits. In addition, design-forward companies are constantly creating new and innovative backlit products to meet the demand for exhibitors.

Backlit graphic tower

The backlit graphic tower is best matched in the small and corner side of the booth, interior office signage, or current booth layouts. These backlit graphic towers are available in a wide array of sizes and shapes.

Most models have easily switchable graphics, making LED light towers great for selling and promoting new products or services. Now available with Wireless Enhancement Accessories, exhibitors can draw their lightbox tower in front of the booth space, or anywhere they choose to attract participants to the show.

LED lightbox counter

Trade show counters are a designated point for booth visitors to communicate with your sales staff, and with an LED-backlit counter in front of your inline booth space, you’ll catch a glimpse faster than ever.

Face-to-face communication is a crucial factor in a trade show expo. Lightbox counter draws attention to the potential clients. It is portable through a pedestal so that easily transportable and can place in the desired space of the booth.

Many backlit counters have storage, monitor stands, locking iPad space, attachable literature holders, and user-friendly interchangeable graphics.

Backlit popup display

Combining the most common portable display systems with the popular backlit trend creates a bright, vibrant display that is incredibly portable, lightweight, and user-friendly.

Viewers should consider a backlit popup display for a low-maintenance display with a strong look. Fluorescent light bars are strategically placed with curved or straight traditional popup frames; the attached fabric makes the graphic mural brighter.

The popup trade show display enhances the classic style for all exhibitors, from beginners to experienced professionals, and LED lighting.

Backlit tabletop display

The backlit tabletop display has attractive looks that help make brand opportunities in smaller spaces and are often more effective than a standard free-standing display. Most of the models currently on the market are designed as a traditional LED lightbox display, including seamless fabric mural graphics with internal LED light strip, modular aluminum frame, and SEG technology.

The second most common backlit tablet display system is the backlit popup tabletop, which is simply a smaller version of the free-standing backlit popup displays. Both portable display systems feature die sublimation graphic prints that effectively illuminate solid colors and vibrant graphic designs.

LED modular lightbox display

The backlit trade show display gives any booth a unique look, but designing a fully custom LED lightbox takes it to the next level. Creating an exclusive trade show booth is a top priority for some companies.

Custom modular aluminum hardware systems can easily reconfigure the size of a display booth, allowing exhibitors to maintain a seamless design in each event despite the given display space.

LED modular backlit displays are particularly easy to assemble. It includes built-in LED lighting below and above, with SEG technology and seamless die sublimation printed graphics. SEG technology allows an even distribution of light across graphic murals, eliminating potential “hot spotting” problems often seen in the backlit signage of a cheap economy.

Advantages of Backlit trade show displays

Backlighting brings significant advantages to grabbing visitor attention, readability, and focus time.

● Rear-light photos/images have better focus quality and your brand message.

● Exhibit stands with backlighting give a different atmosphere than a standard stand with traditional halogen or LED lights.

● With backlighting, you can easily differentiate your position from your competitors.

● Backlighting works great with fonts that give them a natural shadow effect that enhances their look and feel.

● Backlighting graphics kill the unpleasant flat 2D effect often found in standalone pictures in print. It adds depth to your display graphics and makes it look professional.

Disadvantages of Backlit shows in a trade fair

● Backlight solutions have always been more expensive than “classic” enlightenment messages.

● It is more difficult to build an exhibition stand with a backlit solution. 

● Backlighting works best only with fabric prints.

Backlit trade show display is the recent innovations in promotional and advertising tools used by professionals. These special backlit popup banners use LED lights to brighten a printed design. Clear, bright LEDs add an extra definition to your custom graphics.

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