What is a Thesis Statement in Essays?

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“A thesis statement is to an essay like a soul is to a body”


A thesis statement can be defined as the statement that defines your entire essay within a few sentences. It is supposed to summarize and be the first look of your entire essay. One of the biggest benefits of a thesis statement is that it keeps you on track with your topic, you do not reduce or overshare information.

An essay cannot be called complete without a solid thesis statement. Be it a narrative essay, an argumentative essay, or a cause and effect essay. All of these require a thesis statement according to the essay type.

The most incredible thing about your statement is that the reader will be able to understand the kind of writer you are within just a few minutes. The statement says everything, it shows to the reader if the essay is worth a read.

Significance of a thesis statement

The crucial part of an essay is its introduction, which ends with a thesis statement. Below are the reasons why you should be adding a well-written thesis statement to your essay.

  1. It announces the purpose of the essay.
  2. It declares how the research has affected a hypothesis.
  3. A thesis statement guides the reader to absorb the information in the most basic way.
  4. It helps the reader focus on the particular discussion.

How to compose a thesis statement

A thesis statement is an essential part of your essay, it is the essence of your topic therefore careful consideration should be given when composing it. But how can you do it when you are still confused about the topic of your essay. Well, what you need is a set of steps that help you build your thesis statement. Let’s start, shall we?

Step #1 No ambiguity about the topic

When you start with your thesis statement, you need to be the one who is deeply involved with the topic. You need to be the one providing the information, therefore put your researcher’s hat on, and get right into the subject.

You should have no confusion with the topic, if you think you are going to wing it without taking in all the information then you will be harmed. The thesis statement will come out weak and confusing for the readers. You need to own the thesis statement therefore the first step is to be the researcher and get all the data about the topic you are creating your essay on.

Step #2 Build the research question or statement

Information brings in confidence. If you want to win any argument, you need to be well-informed. The same goes for a thesis statement, to build your thesis statement you need to be elbow deep into the matter.

This way it would be easy for you to build a strong research statement or research question. Both of which are essential for you. A good research question makes the reader wonder while they are reading your essay. They start to build an answer in their heads as well, but your information should be the most valid and strong.

Whereas a research statement comes from the experiences, be it yours or others. A statement that has been happening or has happened in the past. This statement will then be supported by evidence. This way you reader doesn’t have to think about the validation of the statement.

Step#3 Find the solution with evidence

Now the third step is the hardest one of all. Find the truth, find the evidence. Nothing makes a reader more irritated than a statement given without any facts and figures, you don’t want that for your essay. Do you? You want your thesis statement to stand out, therefore make sure to find strong and solid evidence for your claim.

For instance “ The global warming has been affecting the ice caps in the continent of Antarctica; the researchers have reported a rise in the sea levels”

The thesis statement is supported by a study or evidence that only a writer can provide. Most students fail at providing evidence for their thesis statement and therefore have to get cheap essay writers the UK to do it for them. This is a wise move that will get you a good thesis statement and essay.

Step #5 Strong dialogue

The words you use to define your thesis statement cannot be flimsy and shy. The thesis statement is one of the first things your readers are going to put their eye on and if it feels unsure and insecure then the reader might not want to continue. Therefore, when you work on your thesis statement, make sure to use words that are firm and sensible.

You cannot use words that indicate that you are suggesting information, no! In fact, your statement should be claiming the space given to it. Make sure to give the information with confidence, especially with a persuasive and argumentative essay. For these types of essays, you need that strong and firm and over your words. If you feel you are not that powerful with your words then buy an argumentative essay along with a sturdy thesis statement.

Originality and specificity

No idea or statement should be stolen when it comes to an essay or thesis statement. This is the most common thing ever, you should never steal someone else’s words to represent it as yours. That is an academic crime. What you need to do is find a topic you are passionate about, this way you would not require to look into other people’s work.

Be very specific and original with your content, especially in your thesis statement, do reference to someone else’s work as it reduces your credibility as a writer.

Placement of the statement

Of course, the placement of your thesis statement matters a lot. You want to make the maximum impact on your readers and therefore the statement cannot be added in between the essay or at the end. The statement has to be added at the beginning of your essay, specifically to the end of your introduction paragraph.

What do you think about the thesis statement? Do you think you will be able to build one yourself now?

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