What is Animation in Web Design? A Comprehensive Guide

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The most prestidigitator living souls are humans, and animation is the derivative of that soul. They are attracted to each eye-catching object. Moving visuals are highly appealing to get their attraction.

In this modern era of competition, every company is deliberately looking for something new and attractive that appeals to more users towards its website. One of the main tools for a better user experience is the use of animation. This is why companies look for top-notch and professional web designers NYC to create appealing and fascinating animations for their websites.

To generate high-quality users interface designers always feel great exploring each aspect of animation. Let’s delve deeper and know more about animation:


The manipulation of any image or object in moving form through a dynamic medium is generally termed Animation, which gives life to static objects.

Animations are considered vital elements of websites as it brings a new life and enhances the eye-appealing ability of the website. Most advertisers love to display their ads in animated form regardless of location because people give more attention to moving objects as compared to static ones. The use of animations stimulates the process of grabbing attention.

Origin of Animation 

The concept of animation came into being long ago when the word animation originated from the Latin word “Anima” giving the meaning of soul.

At the very start, black and white gifs are considered to be animations and were used for fun and entertainment purposes only. But in the modern era animation is a source of attention and is firmly associated with web designing. Investigations reveal that the imprints of human life from the past indicated the strong relationship of human beings with animations.

As technology gets more famous everyday innovations and terms have been implemented in web designing but the association of web designing with animation is constant.

Animation Creation

To create attractive and useful animations for your websites the following technologies will be a great help:


Animations built-up by JavaScript whether by using its functionality or other performance influencing libraries are more powerful and flexible than the transition animations.

The basic use of JavaScript animations is to animate pausing, bouncing, slowing down, and stopping.


CSS animations do not need any external libraries and are used to transit different sites.

One can easily animate the web page elements in the DOM by setting the CSS properties on these elements.


Difficult and 3D animations are created by using a web graphic library which allows rendering the graphics at a speed of sixty frames per second.

The creation of VR animations is also possible with the use of WebGL.

Implementation of Animations 

Implementation of this life breathing tool to a website is not an easy task. Following are Some ways to use animation when designing

  • Functional animation: This principle of adding animations is quite important because it’s easy to attract le towards moving and interesting objects.  In this way, we can simply add an animation to a web design from a designer’s point of view to fulfill the process requirements.
  • Progress animation: In web designing the important is to achieve both linear and multi-step linear progress. The addition of animation to the web design makes it easy.
  • Animated response: most beginners are not well known for the use of websites and they only respond to animations. To avoid the confusion of new users and help them in doing their tasks it’s a great deal to add animations.
  • Storytelling: To show the success story of the company to the users’ addition of animations is the best way. The proper setting of animated slides is compulsory to represent the company’s growth.

Tips to Use Animation 

Before adding animations to your website, consider the following tips :

  • Make sure the animations used in the website should be responsive.
  • The main purpose of adding animations is to grab the user’s attention but keep in mind that animation should not be too long because it’s a waste of time and also frustrating to users.
  • Think twice before adding the animations that it’s the right place or not to add the animation
  • It’s highly recommended to add animations to the elements users interact frequently like medication and subscription forms.

A website highlights the face of any business and helps to make a brand. A good website’s purpose is to attract and engage the user more effectively and the right use of animations in web designing highly facilitates that purpose. So, it’s recommended to hire the best resources to create animation for your website. The ideal choice will be to rely on Map-it Inc for this purpose as it is one of the leading web design agencies in NYC.

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