What is Hydration Infusion Therapy?

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Hydration Infusion Therapy is the process of introducing additional water through an intravenous (IV) line. A medication, most commonly saline (saltwater), is also introduced to help relax the patient.

What are some common medical reasons for Hydration Infusion Therapy?

The IV infusion allows medical professionals to treat some conditions that you see here at the office. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Allergy/Inflammation Symptoms – Benadryl, Cortizone Injections, etc
  • Digestive Issues/Problems – Nitrofurazone (anti-gas), Reglan, etc
  • Vertigo/Dizziness – Meclizine
  • Fatigue – Iron Infusion, B-12 Infusion, etc

How long will the Hydration Infusion Therapy last?

When you book for a mobile iv therapy near me, it will typically last 30 to 60 minutes. This time may vary depending on the condition you have.

What are the risks associated with Hydration Infusion Therapy?

There is a shallow risk of complications associated with receiving IV fluids. Some potential complications include an allergic reaction to the medication, infection at the IV site, or fluid overload (too much fluid entering the body). However, these complications are rare and can be prevented with proper care on the patient’s end.

Another concern that most patients have is what iv hydration means, and it means that you will be given fluids through a vein in your arm. However, it is done to help with various medical issues and is a very safe procedure when performed by a skilled professional.

Is IV hydration better than drinking water?

Drinking water is a great way to stay hydrated, but it can be difficult for the body to absorb all of the ingested water. By receiving fluids through an IV line, the patient’s body can absorb and use the fluids more quickly. It can be beneficial for patients struggling with dehydration or other conditions that require them to receive fluids for medical reasons.

For example, a patient with trouble retaining water may lose more than they are taking in. The body will not perform at 100% if it is dehydrated. IV hydration Austin allows patients to receive the fluids they need without being limited by their digestive system or other issues.

Is IV hydration good for you?

The answer is yes! IV hydration is very beneficial for many patients and can help with various issues. For example, if you struggle with chronic dehydration, IV hydration may help.

There are several reasons why doctors recommend IV therapy. For example, if you have problems absorbing water through your gut, drinking fluids will not be enough to rehydrate you.

Getting fluids through an IV can help to solve this problem. Additionally, iv therapy can help if you struggle with a medical condition that requires you to take in more fluids.


Receiving fluids through an IV line is a safe and effective way to help the body recover from various medical issues. If you are experiencing any of the conditions listed above or just looking for a way to improve your overall health, hydration infusion therapy may be right for you.


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