What is most important for employees in a work environment?

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The unemployment rate in our country and globally is very high. “Job ads”, “find a job”, “Job ads”, “oglasi za posao” and similar terms are often searched on the internet, and this indicates that a lot of people are looking for a job at the moment.

The crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic further increased that percentage, and people who have permanent employment feel a high level of insecurity and fear of losing their jobs.

There is a very small percentage of employees who feel support from their employers after the covid19 pandemic crisis. Many employees are looking for new additional sources of funding or are facing the need to change careers in order to meet new job requirements. Many businesses that had reduced workloads due to the covid crisis lost their workers, who in turn changed their profession to a new type of job in order to be financially stable.

This leads to problems for both employees (who face an unstable job) and employers (who face the problem of keeping their best workers).

Therefore, in this blog post we would like to explore what are the things that motivate the employee in their workplace and how in conditions of a pandemic, businesses can keep their best workers.

The employee in the first place?

The employee in the first place is a phrase that unfortunately for many managers is new and insufficiently accepted. Looking back on history, managers have mainly focused on financial operations, but this must change, especially now that businesses are facing a shortage of qualified workers, and on the other hand, workers are struggling to find a stable job and are looking for job vacancies on a daily basis.

The value of employees is difficult to measure and is often neglected. Therefore, the well-being of employees, their emotions, and feelings in the workplace is often not taken into account when measuring everything that creates the value of a company.

When employee well-being is not taken into account when measuring the value of a company, research shows that the employee does not give his or her maximum in the workplace.

Many employees do not use most of their possibilities due to the insufficient value given to them by their superiors.

How can companies get the most out of their employees kupujem prodajem automobili?

The answer to this question is seemingly simple. Maximum employee potential can be extracted when the company identifies the things that are essential to each employee.

In this text, we will list a few things that are most important to employees, and when the company meets those needs will increase employee productivity by 60%.

Good workplace relations and open communication between management and employees

A sense of belonging in the work environment and the existence of strong ties in the relationship between employees with each other, and between employees and managers.

The balance between private life and work, and the possibility of flexible working hours

Overtime and weekend work, even when paid, puts a burden on the employee and creates an aversion to work because he does not have time to devote to his own interests, friends, and family. It may not matter much to the employer whether it offers the employee the opportunity to work flexible hours or online, but it will create a sense of trust and commitment to the company.

Existence okov of a clearly defined goal in the workplace

The feeling that the work done by the employee has a purpose, a certain meaning, and contributes to the creation of the common good.

Good emotional and mental health

Feeling positive emotions in the workplace that contribute to maintaining good mental health.

Financial stability and opportunity for career development

Existence of good financial stability without the feeling of worry and stress, with the possibility of advancement in the workplace.

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