What is the Best Time to Play Poker?

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Online Poker sites have grown so much in the past few years that they are now accessible to players 24 hours a day/365 days a year. This can be both a boon and a curse for the players. For the one’s playing online poker without taking care of their health or mental state shall never succeed. However, the players who know when it’s best to play will sweep up profits from the table.

To make the best out of your time and win the games you play, you must know when it’s the best time for you to log in based on some factors.

This article will discuss the best times to play online poker based on statistics and observations stated by professional poker players.

1. Play More when the Majority Plays

Let’s be honest here, in a game of poker. You can either be the cat or the mouse. The best way to play and win in poker is to play against weaker players. These are those players who play the game as a form of recreation rather than professionally, and they are the ones that fuel this poker industry. The more online players, the better chance you stand of winning and taking home the pot. The peak time to play poker in India is around 4 pm to 12 am when most of the population is active. Although the times may vary from country to country, the peak times usually remain in the evenings when people get home from a hard day of work and are ready to play a couple of games to let off some steam. Hence, the best bet of winning a game is to log in when most people play.

2. Play More on the Weekends, Less on the Weekdays

The days where most players play are Saturday and Sunday. When it comes to the weekend, amateur players hop online to try their hand at online poker. Sundays are a mix of players. Most sites host their big tournaments on Sundays, and Sundays’ traffic to poker sites is commendable. Websites also add Higher buy-in and bigger guarantees which bring in better players to play the game. Weekends also tend to get the pros to the floor too. Since professional players spend a lot of time at the game, a tournament is nothing but a golden opportunity to seize the pot. The goal is to play when there’s a lot of traffic because we encounter all sorts of players, from the one who is trying poker for the first time to the ones who have played for years. This mix of players gives you a larger spectrum of players, and you are not just playing alongside the best anymore. Some sites measure the traffic from all the top spots, and you can choose to play on the areas with the most traffic on weekends. Give it a try and see what times are best for you to play.

3. Play More during Holidays

Online poker has high traffic during the festive seasons and on holidays. Many people get time off from work and bonuses and perks that they can use in-game and on the websites. This thereby increases traffic and results in people betting more and larger pots. If you’re someone who knows how to play poker well, then you can go online during the holidays and expect to win a good number of games. In addition to players, poker sites also offer Poker Rakeback and other offers which can come in handy and save you a good amount of money. A good time to play is during festivals like Diwali, where gambling is a tradition that is considered auspicious. Hence, playing during the holidays is a good way to encounter traffic when playing online poker.

4. Emotional State

Your mental condition is also an important factor that can contribute to your win or loss. Playing when distressed or playing even after being on a losing streak only makes your gaming experience worse. Long day at work, tired and fussy? You can certainly play recreationally, but it’s probably not a good time to try and play tournaments. On the other hand, playing in a good mood and in a mental state where you can give your undivided attention to the game and focus can help you achieve great heights. The state of your game is also as volatile as your mood, and one wrong move can result in huge losses. So consider your emotional state an important factor when logging in to any poker site. 

5. Play at the Start of Every Month

Now, this may seem like a specific time to play, but when you read the reasoning behind this time, you will understand how playing at the start of every month can prove beneficial. Most salaried employees get paid at the beginning of every month, and the first week of the month will be the time people have enough money to play with. As we progress through the month, you will still notice a lot of players on sites, but the maximum value of the pot can be seen at the start of every month. Now, it’s not necessary that playing at the beginning of the month can significantly change your win rate, which depends largely on your skill and ability to focus. However, the fat paychecks will encourage players to invest more time and money in the game, which you can use to your advantage if played smartly.


Online poker is not a game based on luck. The amount of research, skill, and focus that the game demands can only be developed with time and practice. Playing during specific times may prove to have a slight edge in improving your win rate, but it largely depends on you as a player and how hard you are willing to work to earn your place among the professional players. 

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