What Is Vintage Wine and What Makes It So Special?

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The world of fine wine is complex, like the different flavors wine can hold. It’s more than just red versus white. Aside from the different wine variants, one should also know a thing or two about vintage wine. And this is exactly what this article is all about.

What Is Vintage Wine?

A vintage wine is a wine that is produced with grapes that are grown and harvested during the same year. For a wine to be labeled as such, it must be composed of at least 75 percent from the year it was bottled.

Typically, only non-fortified wines are labeled as vintage. This means that wine made from the leftover juice from the year before cannot take on the vintage label.

Vintage wine production dates back to the Roman Empire. During the period, select grape growers would work to harvest grapes at specific times during the year because the weather in certain parts of the world can affect the flavor of the grape.

Since then, winemakers have continued to produce great-tasting wine that they hope to age enough to be labeled as vintage. The weather, location, and harvest time can affect the finished product.

Why Is a Wine’s Vintage Important?

Aside from the fact that vintage wine is limited and more unique, a wine’s vintage can also affect the price. A wine’s vintage is vital because it changes the taste of the wine.

Whether it is drier, sweeter, or more forward, the vintage of the wine can add a level of complexity that will be a game-changer. The climate of the year of the harvest can add something different, like wild notes found in the sweeter wines.

In addition, vintage wine is also dependent on the area where it was produced. Depending on where the grapes were harvested, the wine can also be different. A vintage wine can be more forward in some areas than in others.

How Can You Find a Great Vintage Wine?

There are many ways to find a great vintage wine. The best way to do it is to try some at your local wine store. A great vintage wine that is well-aged will also have an age statement on the label.

Vintage wine can also be a little bit more expensive, so more money is usually spent on these wines. Look for a date stamped on the label and ensure that the year is correct.

There may be a producer’s vintage based on when the grapes were harvested and a winery’s vintage based on when the wine was bottled. The producer’s vintage is usually more well-aged and will have a new age statement on the label.

Finally, a great vintage wine will also have a “drink by” or “enjoy by” date on the label. Make sure that the wine will be good to drink by the date mentioned on the label.

A vintage wine is a term used to describe a wine made from grapes harvested when the wine was bottled. This kind of wine is rare since it depends on weather patterns and the quality of the grapes gathered. Try some from your local wine store if you want to enjoy a great vintage wine. Just make sure that the vintage is indicated on the label, and check the year the wine was bottled.

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