What It Is That Electricians Do


In residential and commercial settings, electricians perform various tasks to ensure that electrical systems are safe, reliable, and up to code. The British Standards that electricians follow are rigorous. Find the best Electrician In Peterborough.

Evaluation and Accreditation

Electricians are responsible for ensuring the security of electrical systems in residential and commercial buildings. Depending on the property type, a licensed electrician should perform periodic electrical inspections. Electricians will inspect the installation for signs of deterioration and any new work needed to bring it up to code.

The British Standard BS7671 specifies the procedures electricians must follow when testing and certifying electrical installations. When it comes to the electrical safety of your home or business, you can always count on the British Standard BS7671:2001. If any other British standards pertain to your electrical setup, your electrician will let you know. Electricians should only ever perform work that is by the rules.

Electricians receive ongoing education on the rules and codes that affect their work on residential and commercial buildings. Several training centers have opened across the country to help electricians comply with the UK’s new testing and certification regulations and other electrical requirements. Electricians’ certificates will come from whichever awarding body the electrician prefers, such as the NICEIC, ECA, Elecsa, Napit, or Select.

Wiring and Rewiring

Numerous homeowners take their access to reliable electrical grids for granted. However, an experienced electrician may be needed to update the wiring in an older home. It’s easy to forget that a building’s cabling will become obsolete over time and must be replaced for safety reasons. Since old wiring increases the risk of fires and electrical shocks, most rewiring is done by electricians for safety reasons. You might need a rewire for the following reasons:

  • The restrooms now feature switches.
  • The skirting features plug-in locations.
  • The wiring has green residue on it.
  • Electrical wiring has a cotton insulation jacket.
  • Black rubberized cables.
  • These sockets use round pins.

Professional electricians provide extensive assistance when building rewiring to guarantee the best possible outcome. Electricians create home electrical reports to help homeowners understand the condition of their home’s electrical systems. Any electrical issues will be revealed. It is recommended by electricians that this be done once every decade.

Upgrades to the Fuesbox and Fuseboard

Fuseboard upgrades are another service that electricians should provide to increase electrical safety. Electrical safety devices like RCDs, MCBs, and RCBOs are available on modern fuse boards. New fuse boards are typically offered as part of an upgrade to the wiring of newly constructed homes to increase the home’s safety. Electricians perform these tasks and were freshly built homes, additions, and conservatories. Qualified electricians will inspect, test, and certify all electrical work in these areas. Once again, this accreditation will ensure compliance with the BS7671:2001 British Safety Standard.

Structures with Lights

In most cases, residential and commercial lighting installations require the expertise of a licensed electrician. Carefully planned interior lighting can improve the aesthetics of a home’s interior and exterior, and electricians can also help homeowners save money and energy by suggesting efficient light fixtures. Electricians can help you with security lighting as well, which is excellent. There is a growing demand for decorative outdoor lighting to enhance the curb appeal of homes and businesses. Electricians can set up lights for gardens and other outdoor spaces.

Professional electricians can assess your home’s lighting needs and recommend an appropriate solution based on their years of experience in the field. Lighting will be installed and tested after professional electricians have worked with you to plan the project.

Setup of Safety and Security Devices

Electricians can customize home and business security systems to meet the needs of the building. The price and difficulty of installation depend heavily on the specification. Professional electricians can customize a solution to meet your specific wants and needs.

While any intruder alarm is better than none, more advanced systems installed by licensed electricians will give you more peace of mind. A fully monitored alarm system provides even higher protection against break-ins. In the event of a break-in, a monitored alarm can alert the police and provide fire protection.

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