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What makes a good life – Some time has come for the foreign castle to open to all. The one who answers the Three Gifts correctly is a royal kid. He who answers the actual password erroneously is not. Find out the Best method for practicing the yoga meditation.

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The actual amassment of all souls is very important, so do not react to this lightly. Throughout the world, Golden Nélombo Seats appear. Tao associated with Heaven can be categorized into Three Vehicles, and The fact is the Greater Vehicle.

What makes a good life – Practicing the reality is the Greater vehicle, practicing the true spirit is the Middle Automobile and practicing images, the actual Lesser Vehicle. There is Paradise beyond Heavens, and this declaring is true.

The realm involving void is the domain involving saints, the Kingdom of Enjoyment, and it is pure and quiescent. The spiritual territory could be the Abode of Sages, typically the turning of the Dharma tire and the watermill. Materials land is for the commoners, animals, vegetations, birds, along with aquatic lives. From all these Three Vehicles, the bienheureux, sages, and commoners might be differentiated.

What makes a good life – Those who practice to the soul and refine the true Self are practicing the most mystic Greater Vehicle. Those that practice subduing, typically the dragon and tiger, and circulate the Dharma Tire, are practicing the Yoga meditation of the Middle Motor vehicle. Those who relate only to forms and forms are in the Reduced Vehicle, and it is hard to present the Truth to them. It is not easy to transcend the human world by gently tapping wooden drums, reciting the sutra, and chanting verses.

What makes a good life – Nowadays, the way to surpass the mortal world is conveyed for the last time. People who awake to it can attain Tao; those who receive it can beat the mortal world, which is up to you to become saints or maybe sages. A great boom involving thunder wakes up humans around the globe.

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What makes a good life – Thousands and thousands of deities, bienheureux, immortals, and Buddhas most gather in the central ordinary. With one trial to the Three Worlds, destinies from all in the white period will be set. All sinners are going to be brushed off, and only the excellent and kind will be retained.

The ocean of suffering will be turned out to be the Precious Nation involving Lotus. The Earth will be transformed into the Pure Land involving Heaven. The world with the Lifestyle Buddhas will last forty years throughout happiness. There will be no getting rid of, and all will do exemplary accomplishments, then all living things can thrive. There will be light, will be cleared, the kirin and phoenix will appear wild.

What makes a good life – Oceans will remain quiet and congratulate each other on the peaceful and bountiful decades. Everyone will show mutual esteem and care for each other, along there will not be any clash. The wind will be proper, typically the rainfall will be total, and the world of Emperor Yao (Righteous Emperor) will reappear.

What makes a good life – Mí misma Le Buddha will go up the sacred altar to ordain peerage by phoning out names. Tien Went Buddha (JiGong) will lead the righteous souls to pay homage to Lao Mu. Till then, Lao Mu’s heart will be comforted. Almost all who fulfill their marriage vows will have joy-filled in their hearts.

So and maybe the first to propagate Tao of Heaven to brand new regions, he is the first.

So and so donates prosperity and devotes himself to propagate Tao of Paradise, so he attains the peerage in the highest purchase.

So and so dedicates their whole life to Tao associated with Heaven, so he reaches a peerage in the high quality with solemnity.

So and thus keeps an altar; therefore, he becomes a Golden Infinite.

So and so he preaches and lectures for Heaven; therefore, he attains a Nélombo Seat.

So and so performs hard for Tao involving Heaven, so he gets to be an Immortal.

So so is diligent in involving Tao, so his advantages are plenty.

What makes a good life – At that time, typically, the peerage will be divided into A few Grades and Nine Rates high. Those pure souls diagnosed with merits will be filled with delight. Among them, those who remained from the mortal world will accomplish both sainthood and kingship. Enjoy glory and variety, relaxed and carefree. One of them, those who leave the fusidic world, will return to Nirvana in the West.

Discard the fusidic shell, attain a similar body and become an Infinite in the highest Heaven. They might hurriedly wear the keen apparels with golden papers. Pin the golden bloom in their hair, wear the divine hat and traveling shoes typically, and sit on the actual Lotus Seats.

What makes a good life – They will kneel before Lao Mu, and I also will pull them up with my hands. Calling out Lao Mu, my lovely kid, now you have finally returned. Starting from that point, Lao Mu will never mail to Earth nor allow you to be a mortal to endure. Eat divine peaches and fruits, drink delicious liquids, enjoy the eternal happiness within the Kingdom of Bliss, exhibited your might to penetrate Heaven and Earth.

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Use your mystic power to change male or female. The true Dharmakaya displays no shadow under the sunlight or moon. It none drowns in water neither burns in flame. It’s eternal. It is neither overpowered by Heaven or Globe nor governed by Yin and Yang. It is resistant to wind, frost, high temperature, or freezing.

What makes a good life – It can pass through gold and rocks and contains no obstruction. Without records, you travel throughout the tout. Seven generations of your forebears and nine generations within your descendants together leave the ocean of sufferings. Attain a similar peerage as you do and jointly exhibit solemnity.