What should you know before planning a baby

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Planning a baby is the most crucial decision of life. If you have such a plan, you should follow some essential tips that help you have an easy and healthy pregnancy period and a less risky delivery due to a healthy body.

Pregnancy is a period of change. It is the time in which the transformation of the body takes place internally and externally. One should take the best care of her health because this transformation is the most critical and sensitive phase of your life. So, it is essential to prepare your body for this phase. Following these tips will lead you towards less risky delivery. This article is not only for the women, but every couple should read this to plan the best period and diet for their particular time.

Talk about the pregnancy:

The first tip is preparedness. If you plan on having a baby, then as a couple, it’s essential to both ask yourselves if you are ready for this or not. It’s also necessary for you both as a couple to weigh out the possibility of any fertility issues, via fertility tests. And if issues do arise, it’s important to talk to a doctor to discuss treatments. For example, if your male counterpart has fertility issues, your doctor may suggest options such as home inseminationIn-vitro fertilization, and or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Add Folic Acid to your life:

To prepare for the pregnancy, it is essential to add folic acid before conceiving. Folic acids are the critical Vitamin that plays a crucial role during the growth of a baby. There is a situation during the development of a baby called neural tube defect. This problem is overcome by maintaining the amount of folic acid before and during the pregnancy.

Folic acid is a readily available vitamin that is also present in supplements, and you should take these regularly to be prepared for the pregnancy.

Take a balanced diet before planning baby:

A healthy diet leads you towards a healthy body. The best way to have a prepared body for your pregnancy is to have a balanced diet. You should take a diet that fulfills the daily requirement of your body.

The level of all the necessary elements in your body must be maintained with your diet. If you feel any weakness, then go to the doctor and have tests that give you the report of your body.

Before conceiving, make sure you are taking a healthy diet, and you should follow this routine throughout your pregnancy period.

Check-ups before conceiving :

Some crucial check-ups should be done before you plan to take responsibility for a new life in you. One should go to the doctor to recommend the best check-ups and, according to them, give you the best supplements if required.

These check-ups vary from woman to woman.

Avoiding bad habits:

If you are planning a baby, then you should learn to sacrifice. Some bad habits are life-risking for pregnancy and an average person, such as smoking, taking alcohol, etc. Yet, if you want to be a good parent, you have to control such bad habits, especially mothers.

Such type of bad habits can make weak you internally. Parents should leave such practices, especially before pregnancy and during the preconception period.

Take organic food during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is an essential span of life. During your pregnancy, you have to be fit for it. We always think that fruits are the best food for us. No doubt, it is one of them but takes care about some tips before taking the food because it is an incomplete conception.

We all know that pesticides are used during the growth of fruits. When you are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, you have to choose the more organic ingredients. Take those fruits and vegetables that are grown by using simple means. You have to go for those vegetables and fruits with fewer pesticides and other inorganic materials for their development. Grapes, apples, blueberry are some ingredients that are good in this regard.

Have less medicine:

As we discussed, folic acid is an essential nutrient. But you should not rely only on these pills and supplements. Try to take natural and easy home remedies if you are not feeling good in health.

Before conceiving, make your immune system better. It is an essential thing that you should bear the changes that will be done to your body. Make sure you are moving towards a healthy and natural life to be prepared for pregnancy.

Tell your doctor about your family history:

When you go to the doctor before pregnancy, it is essential to discuss all the possible diseases and situations that can be added to the inheritance of your baby.

Nowadays, many diseases are recovered in the womb of a mother. But before planning a baby, discuss with your doctor that what is the condition for which you are afraid and want to save you and your child from it.


We all love children. The most amazing feeling is being a parent. But the struggle to be a good parent starts even before you plan for a baby. Make sure you are planning best. Don’t take risks. These tips can help you to have a safe and healthy pregnancy period.

The best way to plan a baby is to talk with a doctor. Luckily, you do not have to go for a specialist f you will check the Marham.pk website. This website has the best gynecologist in Lahore on just a call away. Take your time with these specialists and have the best tips for your particular period.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my pregnancy craving start?

There is no specific time for it. It varies from woman to woman.

Can I go for exercise during pregnancy?

Yes, but there are some specific exercises for pregnancy. Always consult with your doctor to suggest the best activity.

How can I feel that I am ready for pregnancy?

If you feel fit and do not feel any weakness, are mentally prepared for pregnancy, and consult with your doctor, you are ready for it.

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