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Since trucks in the united states weigh thousands of tonnes, being involved in a truck accident can leave you with severe injuries. Most of the injuries resulting from truck accidents are life-changing, and some even result in temporary or permanent disabilities. You can recover your injuries and other damages through a personal injury claim.

Although it doesn’t bring back the quality of life you enjoyed before the accident, the compensation helps you manage the economic and non-economic losses resulting from a truck accident.

Filing a personal injury claim in Utah can be daunting, especially if you don’t know the state’s personal injury laws. This is where the knowledge and expertise of Utah truck accident lawyers come in to help you navigate the complexities of your claim. Knowing the steps to take after a truck accident also goes a long way toward favorable aftermath.

At the truck accident scene

If involved in a truck accident, you should first check yourself for injuries and call the police. You must notify law enforcement of a truck accident, no matter how minor. A police report documenting the accident is handy when seeking compensation for the damages.

Collecting evidence from the accident scene is advisable if you have not sustained severe injuries to hinder you. You can take pictures and videos of the accident scene, the damage to your car, the truck involved, your injuries, and other details that may be helpful to your case.

You should also collect the details of the truck driver, including contact information and insurance details, and give them yours. Witness information may also be helpful for your case. Next, you need to seek medical attention and seek legal guidance to decide on the next course of action. Generally, you have two options: negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party in court.

Negotiating a settlement with the insurance company

Negotiating a settlement with an insurance company is not as easy as it seems. If anything, there is a long and arduous process before an insurance company finally agrees to a specific settlement amount. It is never advisable to navigate this process yourself since the company may try to exploit your ignorance.

Besides, insurance companies know that medical bills and property damages after a truck accident add up quickly and may offer a low initial settlement to settle the claim. An attorney helps you fight for your rightful compensation, depending on the extent of your injuries, and may suggest filing a lawsuit in court if the insurance company is adamant.

Filing a lawsuit against the liable party

If you have solid evidence and the insurance company offers a low settlement offer than you deserve, it is best to file a personal injury lawsuit. Your personal injury attorney can help you navigate the complicated process, gather evidence, and build a solid claim. They can do the heavy lifting while you focus on recovery.

The takeaway

Consulting an attorney is advisable to protect your rights and decide on the best course of action after a truck accident.

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