What to wear For an MBA Level Employment interview (Men)

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An MBA levels interview, whether during your initial semester at a business institution or a decade out, is incredibly different from your run-of-the-mill task screening. MBA interviews are really in-depth events that can entail three or more separate selection interviews in multiple cities along with up to a half-dozen of your colleagues or interviewers. The companies with this level are going to be paying a person very well, and they want to make certain you possess the abilities they need and are a good suit for their culture.

With this becoming said, very little is protected at Business Schools regarding how to dress for an interview. I had been always surprised to see individuals spending one-hundred thousand bucks on their education yet putting on a two-hundred-dollar sick-fitting suit and inexpensive unpolished shoes for a job interview.

An interviewer makes his / her first judgment about you before you decide to even open your mouth to chat; studies have shown the first several seconds of an initial getting together are critical in terms of all-around perception. It is very difficult to defeat a bad first impression; in a MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION interview, you do not want to concern yourself with your clothing sending a damaging message.

Know you’re Targeted

Behind every successful MASTER OF BUSINESS, ADMINISTRATION interview is hours and hours involving preparation. As you study the corporation you are going to interview with, take note of their unstated dress codes. Most likely you have met some of their employees; how do they present themselves? Were they conservative or relaxed in their appearance? Interviewing with Goldman Sachs is very different from meeting with Google’s Marketing Division; both will require a match but with Google, it’s secure to say you can wear a much less conservative colour and maybe toss in a white pocket sq.

The Suit

The good news for your MBA is that the classical in a number of suit styles has remained exactly the same for a hundred years. The bad information is that there are a lot of fly-by-night style suits out there that will turn out to be dated faster than you can buy them. The key is to disregard temporary fashion and determine what your timeless style is actually. This sounds complicated, nevertheless, it’s not. Remember three issues when choosing a suit: Textile, Style, and Fit.

Any time selecting a fabric for a MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION level interview suit, think about its construction and colouring. Try to go with a natural textile, either wool or silk cotton. If you go with a blend, try and ensure the synthetic cosmetics are 50% or a lesser amount. Although a blend may keep the price down, it will not be as durable and may have a tendency to breathe much less.

As to colour choice, the most typical and therefore safest selections tend to be navy blue, charcoal, and dark. Although you can move outdoors these three if this is not really a first or second match with a pattern (navy glowing blue pinstripes, birds eyes, or a medium grey material are all excellent selections), be sure to understand you will stick out from a bedroom of interviewees. But probably that is what you want.

When it comes to gents’ suit style, go with some sort of classical cut. In the United States, this is the single-breasted, notched lapel, 2 or 3 button jacket which has a single or double again vent and regular piece pockets. Ensure you have at the least as many cuff buttons because you have front jacket links (4 buttons on the drivepipe is normal) and ensure you now have a left breast pocket.

Create a close look at the lapels: any trend right now is skinny lapels; avoid this fashion novelty as you want to wear this specific suit in a year (and 5 years from today for that matter). With your pants, depending on your build you desire either flat or pleated fronts. If you are taller as compared to six feet, consider using a cuffed bottom. Finally, check the jacket and pants for quality construction (tug on buttons, inspect the particular sewing).

The last but oftentimes most important detail when choosing a new suit is the fit. Many men wear suits that are too big in one area or another. Frequently seek a brand whose cut goes your build. Ensure that often the sleeves (when standing) indicate one inch of bp cuff, the lapels lay ripped, that when the jacket is definitely buttoned an X by tightness does not appear, and the shoulders of the jacket do not prolong past yours. Also, you must ensure that the jacket comforters your backside, but not that long that you can easily grab the item with your hands when standing up straight; finally, make sure you can find no fabric bunches inside the back near your neck of the guitar collar, which should lay smooth and show ¾ of an in . of shirt collar while standing.

One way to get an excellent fit is to have your current suit made to measure or hand-crafted by a tailor (bespoke). For that MBA student or latest graduate willing to invest at the very least 600 dollars per fit, this is a great option; it will eventually save you the time and aggravation of searching for the ideal installing jacket by helping you acquire exactly what you want quickly. Guys who go down this course fall in love with the selection (thousands connected with fabrics), control over the make (any style, secret purses, etc), and of course the perfect health that no off-the-rack crafted of the different suit can emulate.

Clothes Shirt

The rules that sign up for men’s suit selection for an MBA level interview are certainly similar to selecting a men’s attire shirt. Again, take into consideration Materials, Style, and Fit.

Tee shirt fabrics come in a much larger variety of colours and weaves than their suit competitors; a pink striped herringbone dress shirt can turn a typical navy suit into clothing that demands attention although a conservative white broadcloth dress shirt can sculpt down a striped matches allure. It is no puzzle that white and azure dominate the field. However, using a unique fabric weave (such as a twill or herringbone) in a conservative colour is a good way to retain your originality while not making too much disturbance with your clothing ensemble.

Conservatively coloured patterned shirts usually are another way to break the fungal without offending. Although the cheaper the formality of the ensemble, a patterned shirt along with a conservative tie is a protected bet on a second as well as third interview.

Two regions of your shirt will be featured when you wear a jacket; often the collar and the cuffs. The particular collar should be chosen centred on your facial construction. Men with long, thin confronts should go with a spread although round-faced men must look to lengthen their deal with point collars. Standard barrel cuffs with a couple of buttons are fine for those interviews; you may be tempted to embellish cuff links to your interview with the investment bank, but be mindful. Some interviewers view this kind of display of jewellery as horrible.

As to fit, you should be capable to put two fingers hidden inside your neck and the receiver collar when buttoned. Your covers and cuffs should stretch to the top of your arms, and you want to show about one inch of the top cuff from under your own personal jacket sleeve. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to get both of these in the off-the-rack shirt. MBA scholars and recent graduates should take a look at custom-made shirts; many web vendors can deliver fantastic fitting garments for the same price tag as you would expect to pay at a quality brick-and-mortar store.

Typically the Tie

A conservative variety here is the best bet for the MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION level interview. Red is a fantastic favourite, although you can be noticeable in the crowd by choosing the red tie with an easy repeating pattern. Striped connections are a good choice, but you must be aware as to whether it is a regimental connection or not.

In countries for example England, memberships to specific clubs are symbolized through striped tie design; you might find yourself in a situation having to clarify why you are wearing another man’s regimental colours. There is no cause to use a tie clip or even tie pin in a MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION interview, unless you are going to be consuming (where it serves to keep the tie in place).

Sports shoes

For MBA level selection interviews we recommend a plain dark Oxford. This shoe characteristics round toes sometimes has a cap and closed lacing. Plain cap-toe Oxfords are definitely the most formal option for all the businessmen wear, and can do double-duty as formal shoes. Oxfords with broguing along the cap’s edge, or trimming typically the uppers, are still formal plenty of for an MBA level employment interview in the United States. Avoid slip-on, if they are loafers, boots, or maybe monk-straps. Although these are perfectly ok for a business casual lunch, in a formal interview you’ll want a pair of laced Oxfords.


Your socks should complement your slacks or shoes or boots and be dark in colouring. The goal here is to never draw attention to this portion of your body. If the socks are located, they should appear to flow effortlessly between the shoes and pants.


A wedding ring is definitely acceptable in an MBA job interview. Anything else is a fair video game and left up to the interviewer’s personal views. A class engagement ring from Harvard, Annapolis, or even Texas A&M may give a leg up if your job interviewer is an alumnus or you have been in Houston, Texas. But it just like easily could backfire. Nostril rings, eye piercings, along with earrings are becoming more popular, and tend to be not yet mainstream. Whatever your own personal opinion on these can be, you cannot wear these bits without them affecting an individual’s impression of you. Raise self-esteem, but be aware of the significance of this decision.


Have a haircut a few days before, at least have trim around the neck and throat and ears. Your fingernails or toenails should be cut and fresh, and avoid cologne; a shower area, deodorant, and aftershave are generally you need; anything else could be frustrating to the senses.

Final thoughts throughout preparing for your MBA levels interview: Arrive early, acquire plenty of sleep, and be truly enthusiastic about the job you are searching for.

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