What You Should Now About COVID-19 and Nursing Home Neglect in Florida

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COVID-19 is spreading throughout the nation and the State of Florida is certainly no exception. As of June 2020, more than 2,700 people have died of this disease. Over 1,300 people at long-term care facilities have died, including residents of senior care facilities and nursing homes.

To date, there is neither a cure for this illness nor a vaccine that offers immunity from COVID-19.

If one of your family members is currently in a nursing home, you may be worried about the quality of care that they have been receiving throughout this global pandemic. Are staff and management doing all that they can to protect residents from COVID-19?

Florida Nursing Homes and Senior Care Facilities Must Safeguard Residents From COVID-19 Coronavirus

Nursing homes and senior care facilities are legally responsible for keeping residents safe from COVID-19 and all other infectious diseases like it. This includes taking measures to prevent coronavirus from entering their facilities and being spread like:

 Routinely testing all residents for COVID-19

·         Ensuring that residents are social distancing

·         Restricting access for all non-residents

·         Isolating those individuals who have tested positive or who are exhibiting the symptoms of coronavirus

·         Wearing masks and gloves at all times

·         Maintaining sufficient cleaning supplies, staff supplies, and medical supplies

·         Cleaning all counters and other high-touch surfaces, walls, floors, tables, and ceilings using disinfectant sprays or wipes, as necessary.

When these measures are not taken in nursing homes or senior care facilities, residents are unnecessarily placed at risk. Although there is no cure for COVID-19, preventing residents from contracting this illness is no more challenging than preventing the spread of the flu. Nursing homes and senior care facilities should be prepared for events and challenges like this one.

Sadly, nursing homes throughout the State of Florida are reportedly experiencing mask shortages, and shortages of disinfectants and other preventative supplies that are critical for preventing the facility-wide spread of illness.

If an elderly patient within a senior care facility or nursing home dies from COVID-19, the site owners, staff, and the facility itself could be held liability for their death if negligence in providing sufficient protections against communicable illness can be proved.

Damages Resulting From Florida COVID-19 Deaths in Senior Care Facilities and Nursing Homes

When nursing home residents die of coronavirus/COVID-19, surviving family may have the ability to recover funeral costs and medical expenses by filing wrongful death suits.

In Broward County, Florida and beyond, pursuing wrongful death lawsuits can be challenging. To ensure successful outcomes for these claims, plaintiffs must show that:

Victims were residents of senior care homes or nursing facilities during the time of negligence

Nursing home managers or staff were negligent in providing adequate care

Negligence of nursing home staff resulted in the deceased party catching the virus

Residents and their family members suffered loss and damages resulting from nursing home negligence

Seeking the help of a Florida personal injury attorney who is experienced in nursing home wrongful death suits can increase your chances of obtaining fair compensation for the losses that you or your loved one has sustained.

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