What’s Worse, Badly Designed Cabinets or Poorly Crafted Millwork? Who is to Blame?


As an expert witness in this field, I am responsible for investigating and assessing any casework, cabinetry, or millwork that may have been damaged or is otherwise suspect. As a cabinetry and millwork expert witness, I have often been tasked with analyzing products that no longer exist due to replacement or destruction. Architectural elevations (renderings), photographs of the damaged cabinetry, shop drawings, and material samples are common forms of evidence that can be examined. Discover the best info about commercial millwork.

The question of who is financially responsible often arises whenever money is lost. It is common practice for lawyers to file lawsuits against everyone involved, beginning with the designer and ending with the installer.

In many cases, the fabricators and installers are to blame for the apparent construction flaws uncovered by even the most cursory of inspections. The cabinets were either poorly designed, too small, or poorly constructed, or the installation was shoddy, ruining an otherwise satisfactory cabinet job. Surface treatments are often the main focus. It’s possible that the finished product won’t look good enough for the proprietor or customer. The latter type of disagreement is frequently attributable to the misleading advertising of products, faulty finish samples, and unreliable decisions. Disputes escalate when parties involved in a project disagree about aspects of the work order or contract that were not explicitly stated. The client or dissatisfied owner may have unreasonable expectations or refuse to accept responsibility.

Disputes of the above types are typically simpler to resolve than those involving severe bodily harm. Fairly resolving such claims requires thorough record-keeping and analysis and familiarity with applicable industry practices and standards.

There is usually a lot more at stake in a personal injury case. Sometimes liability is shared or commingled, making it harder to quantify and isolate the various parties’ responsibility. The degree of fault assigned to each party is frequently affected by the size and scope of the project at hand.

A hotel’s design and development team will typically initiate a comprehensive design package that includes cabinetry, casework, and millwork when renovating a room. Designs can be created by in-house designers occasionally, but an external designer service is often hired. A designer or architect is typically the point person when new cabinets are needed for a commercial space like a bank or chain store. These architectural and design firms frequently subcontract conceptual designs to specific trades to develop a standardized franchise concept. Creating the spatial and cosmetic images in a housing tract or condominium development is typically a collaborative effort between architects and designer services.

Each entity’s claimed involvement and percentage of ownership will vary depending on its unique circumstances. A failed product may have roots in faulty designs conceived by the architect or designer. A reliable cabinet maker will understand the design concept’s problems and work to fix them before production begins. An architect may be liable for an accident because they are the project’s general supervisor. Still, in some cases, the person who last handled the item may be held responsible instead. However, every situation is unique.

Six different people or organizations were found at least partially responsible for an accident in a recently renovated hotel. There was a willingness to settle on the part of the cabinet contractor, cabinet installers, designers, architects, hotel management, and project managers. In a separate ongoing case, each contractor and designer is trying to shift the blame elsewhere to minimize their responsibility and get their respective firms out of trouble.

Finding a cabinetry expert witness who has worked on numerous projects is crucial. Questions that can be formulated with the assistance of this expert will significantly improve the perspective that can be prepared after accurate and precise questions are answered during your discovery and investigation, as many variables would only be known to a skilled tradesman.

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