When Should I Take My Dog to Obedience School?

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Becoming a pet parent can be an amazing experience. However, just like regular children, puppies also need to learn structure and obedience. If not, your dog could learn bad habits such as over-aggression.

And every pet parent’s worst nightmare is having to give up their furry friends because of a biting incident. But a great way to avoid these types of situations is by enrolling your pup in obedience school. But if you’re not sure about the benefits of training or when to start, then keep reading our helpful article!

What Is Obedience School?

Obedience school teaches you and your dog the necessary lessons for a good life! During dog training, your dog will learn basic commands such as sit, stay, and come.

And as the weeks progress, they will start to learn how to properly interact with other dogs and humans. This is very important for young dogs as sometimes they tend to be too aggressive during play.

Luckily, a well-informed trainer can teach your pup about bitting control and much more! Most facilities will offer you and your dog in-home, group, and private training lesson!

In-Home Day Training

In-home training is a great option because it teaches you how to properly interact with your puppy. Because at the end of the day, your dog’s attitude is highly dependant on you!

And that’s why in-home training is a great option because it allows for an individualized approach.

Group Training Classes

Group training is a great opportunity to socialize a young dog and teach it basic commands. This kind of puppy training will usually have a limit on participants. So you’ll still feel like

Private Training Lessons

With private lessons, you’ll be more in control by having a hands-on approach. You can also get virtual or in-person sessions in some facilities.

How Old Does My Puppy Have To Begin Obedience School?

The reason for timing your puppy’s obedience training is important because the faster they start learning, the better! But you’ll be surprised to know that most puppies can begin training within 5 weeks.

That’s because puppies actually start learning from birth. They are socialized from a young age. In fact, they begin to engage in play with their siblings after 4-5 weeks of being born.

In some breeds, you can begin training right after the puppy learns how to walk and see. Simple commands like down and stay can be taught at around 7 to 8 weeks.

However, formal puppy training should start at around 10 weeks. This is when the puppy should have all their shots, know how to walk and see properly, and they should also be full of energy!

Unfortunately, in the past puppy training didn’t begin until 6 months of age. However, once the puppy has reached the juvenile stage, they have already learned bad behaviors.

Not to mention, their brains have a harder time letting go of bad or incorrect training patterns. Therefore, the earliest you can enlist your puppy, the better.

Puppy Traning Made Easy

Obedience school is a must for puppies and older dogs! These courses will save you and your puppy from bad behaviors and rehoming situations. So don’t miss out on a great opportunity to have a great dog for life.

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