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Not all workers who sustain injuries will require legal representation. Considering that it is an administrative process, the Arizona workers’ compensation system is quite simple for employees to navigate. You can manage your claim if it is uncomplicated and not contested by your employer or insurance provider.

However, the procedure isn’t always that easy. The appointment of a workers’ compensation attorney will often be necessary, or it can be very advantageous in the following situations.

The insurance provider has denied your claim.

There are many different reasons why insurance companies reject workers’ compensation claims. For instance, the insurance provider may assert that your injury was unrelated to your job or that your claim was submitted too late. The procedure for workers’ compensation allows you to appeal the denial. State-by-state variations in the appeals procedure, but generally speaking, it entails filing official papers, gathering evidence using tools of the law, and arguing your case in front of a judge.

The benefits offered are not enough.

Even when they are aware that a settlement offer is below what they are entitled to, it is understandable why injured workers are tempted to accept it. Your family’s financial future may be in peril due to escalating medical expenses and your potential incapacity to work. Any offer may appear alluring to you because of the stress and uncertainty you are experiencing.

By accepting a lowball settlement offer, you waive your rights to further compensation, both now and in the future. As a result, what appears to be a fantastic offer might not be enough after all. For this reason, you should always have a qualified lawyer analyze any settlement proposals. Click here for more on how to calculate your workers’ compensation value.

You have a preexisting medical condition.

You’ll have difficulty getting the insurance company to cooperate if you already have an ailment or condition that affects the same body part as the one you hurt at work. The insurance provider will probably attribute your injury to your prior health issues rather than your work-related activities. This is particularly true if your injury develops gradually over time instead of suddenly during a job accident.

The work injury has affected your future working capacity.

If you cannot work again, you must make the most of your workers’ compensation benefits and set them up to last for a very long time. In addition, obtaining training in a new field of employment is necessary if you need to shift careers. A lawyer can assist you with both.

You are getting other government benefits.

If you get workers’ compensation payments and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, your SSDI benefits may decrease. You can lessen the reduction in your SSDI benefits by working with a lawyer. If you are eligible for Medicare, you might also need to set aside some of your workers’ compensation benefits to cover future medical expenses. Again, the best way to accomplish this is with the assistance of a lawyer.

The bottom line

Lawyering up is advised to get the most out of a workers’ compensation claim.

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