The place To Put A Cat Mattress? – 5 Splendid Places

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Cats spend most of their day sleeping, leaving their hair behind wherever they snooze. In case you’re able to reclaim your furnishings, one technique is to offer your cat with its personal mattress. Nonetheless, except you set it in simply the appropriate spot, there’s an honest probability your cat will ignore the mattress. On this article, we’ll let you know about 5 best areas to place a cat mattress, together with some suggestions for selecting a mattress and tips on how to maintain the peace when shopping for beds for a multi-cat family.


The 5 Splendid Places to Put a Cat Mattress

1. Someplace Heat

Cat on his small bed
Picture Credit score: Antonio Vega Barragán, Pixabay
Doable areas:close to a window or door, equipment, heating vent
Kinds of beds to think about:window perch, spherical mattress

Research has proven that cats prefer the household temperature to be warmer than people are likely to take pleasure in. Due to this, cats usually decide the warmest or sunniest spot they will discover to nap. Reap the benefits of this by putting a cat mattress close to a sunny window or glass door. One other good choice is putting a mattress close to a heating vent or radiator, however not shut sufficient that the kitty may get burned accidentally. Some cats even like sleeping on prime of the garments dryer!

2. Someplace Elevated

Oriental shorthair cat in canopy bed
Picture Credit score: Anna Pozzi Zoophotos, Shutterstock
Doable areas:furnishings, shelf, mattress
Kinds of beds to think about:spherical mattress, sleeping mat

In case you observe your cat selecting a nap spot, there’s a great probability they’ll choose someplace off the ground. Cats prefer to be excessive sufficient to regulate what’s occurring round them and really feel safer at greater areas. Placing a cat bed someplace elevated will increase the possibilities your cat will use it. Potential areas embody counters, tables, couches, or human beds. You would additionally select a large shelf or windowsill if they’re sturdy sufficient.

3. Someplace Quiet

cat lying on a cat bed
Picture Credit score: VGstockstudio, Shutterstock
Doable areas:closet, spare bed room
Kinds of beds to think about:cat cave, spherical mattress, sleeping pad

Due to how the cat’s sleep cycle works, they spend most of their snoozing time in a lightweight doze or “cat nap.” Within the wild, this permits them to stay partly conscious of their environment as a security function. On account of this, cats usually choose to sleep in quiet components of the home, particularly people who stay with a busy, noisy human household. Strive putting a cat mattress in a spare bed room, cupboard space, or closet.

4. On Cat Furnishings

wrinkley hairless cat sphynx hepper pod bed

Doable areas:cat tree, cat shelf
Kinds of beds to think about:sleeping pad, spherical mattress

Many cat towers and timber already include sleeping areas and perches. You may encourage your cat to benefit from the spots by putting a comfortable cat mattress on them. Situating your cat furnishings close to a window makes it much more engaging on your kitty. Cat furnishings helps your cat safely interact in instinctive actions like scratching and climbing but in addition serves as a super location to position a cat mattress.

5. Close to Your Favourite Spot

blue eyed sphynx cat in hepper nest bed on chair

Doable areas:sofa, dwelling workplace
Kinds of beds to think about:cat cave, spherical mattress, cat condominium

Regardless of their fame for independence, most cats are very connected to their house owners and revel in spending time with them. In case your cat is a kind of, the best place for their cat bed could also be near wherever you spend probably the most time. For instance, put a cat mattress close to your workspace in case you do business from home. In case you spend your free time enjoyable on the sofa, place your cat’s mattress close by.


Selecting a Cat Mattress

In addition to selecting the best location on your cat mattress, you’ll additionally have to determine what kind of mattress to buy. Location will play a task in your resolution since some beds could also be too large to suit each spot.

You also needs to contemplate your cat’s sleeping model. Do they like to twist up in a ball or unfold out in all instructions? Do they prefer to burrow below blankets or keep uncovered?

Virtually talking, contemplate whether or not you want a mattress that’s simply cleaned. Kittens will be messy, whereas older cats might start to lose management of their bladder and leak urine after they sleep. For some beds, solely the quilt is washable, which isn’t useful if pee or poop soaks in fully.

Avoiding Mattress Drama in Multi-Cat Households

ginger cat sleeping in bed
Picture Credit score: Alena Ozerova, Shutterstock

Retaining the peace can typically be tough in case you share your private home with multiple cat. Cats are territorial by nature and don’t all the time share house or possessions with ease. This can lead to disagreeable unintended effects like inappropriate urination, fights, or anxiety-related behaviors like over-grooming.

When putting cat beds, keep away from drama by making certain sufficient for every cat to assert one as their very own. If a number of cats take pleasure in sleeping in the identical location, contemplate placing a number of beds there. Having beds on a number of ranges is one other useful technique to maintain everybody glad.



Some cats will select the oddest spots for his or her day by day naps, whether or not you approve of them or not! Discovering the appropriate location for a cat mattress might take some experimentation, particularly in case your kitty is older and set in its methods. Don’t be afraid to attempt totally different spots and think about using catnip or pheromone sprays to make the cat mattress extra engaging to your feline pal.

Featured Picture Credit score: Aleksandar Cvetanovic, Unsplash

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