Which is The Best IVF Center in Jaipur for Hysteroscopy Treatment?

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A lot of couples suffering from infertility can try going for a hysteroscopy to find out the exact reason for infertility. The process is simple where the doctor gets a clear picture of what is the major cause of infertility in a woman. There are a lot of IVF center in Jaipur where one can go for a hysteroscopy like Aastha fertility center which is the best ivf center in Jaipur. The cost of the procedure is also quite affordable and has a high success rate if hysteroscopy is used for operative purposes. 

Which is The Best IVF Centre in Jaipur for Hysteroscopy Treatment?

What is hysteroscopy?

The senior-most doctor of the best IVF center in Jaipur said that Hysteroscopy should be done if; one is suffering from having heavy periods or longer periods than usual. If there are severe cramps or there is some issue with the reproductive health of the patient a doctor usually suggests a patient to go through hysteroscopy. This procedure helps the doctor to see closely at the patient’s uterus and help them examine the actual issue causing the problem. Hysteroscopy is the process through which a doctor can inspect the patient’s uterine cavity through the cervix. 

It is broadly used by a doctor to check the cause of abnormal bleeding and treat it. To examine the internal organs a very light and sleek tube having a camera is inserted through the vagina to examine the uterus. If any abnormalities are found during the procedure, doctors take a sample for testing it later. It is a painless process done with help of general anesthesia.  Medical tools such as dilators are used to open the cervix of the uterus during the process. If this process is used for the purpose of surgery an additional operative channel is made to insert other operative tools such as scissors or biopsy instruments to conduct the surgery.

What Happens During Hysteroscopy?

What happens during hysteroscopy?

The procedure is generally conducted in hospitals, centers, or clinics like in the best IVF center in Jaipur Aastha fertility center.  The best time to conduct this surgery is when the endometrium is relatively thin, that is just after menstruation. The diagnostic or operative hysteroscopy can be conducted in an office or a clinical setting for the patients. During the hysteroscopy, the patient lay down on her back and folded the knees to a 90degree position. In this process, either a fluid or CO2 gas is induced in the abdomen to clear the surface and expand the cavity. The camera and light help to examine the uterus more closely and diagnose any issues or to perform any surgical process. The procedure is mostly painless but some of the patients experience some cramping during the process. Doctors generally give the patients sedatives or general anesthesia depending upon what is the purpose of hysteroscopy. The procedure can take between 5-30 minutes of time.

Is Hysteroscopy Painful?

Patients feel no pain or very mild pain during the procedure, but for some, it can be severe. It is advised to tell the doctor about the discomfort one feels during the procedure so that they can take further action. The procedure is generally conducted under the influence of sedatives or general anesthesia depending on the cause of doing hysteroscopy.

What can Hysteroscopy Detect?

Hysteroscopy is used to detect a number of issues in the uterus such as fibroids and polyps which are non-cancerous growths occurring in the womb, displaced IUDs, and adhesions that might cause reduced fertility or reduced periods. The process basically reveals the shape, size, and abnormalities in the uterus which might affect fertility in women. While an operative hysteroscopy can remove the blockages in fallopian tubes and remove unwanted growths such as fibroids or polyps.

Is Hysteroscopy a Major Surgery?

Is hysteroscopy a major surgery?

Depending on the condition of the patient hysteroscopy is either an operative hysteroscopy or diagnostic hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopy is not major surgery. It is a small process to view inside the uterus. It is done by inserting a visualizing scope through the vagina in the cervical opening. It is usually done to view the uterus and fallopian tubes. If hysteroscopy is used for a surgical purpose then it’s usually a major surgery with highly successful and effective results but long recovery time and complications. The process is majorly used to cure infertility in women. The cost of the procedure ranges from 15,000- 50,000INR which is almost 61 percent less than the IVF cost in Jaipur.

Why is Aastha Fertility is Known as the Best IVF Center in Jaipur for Hysteroscopy?

Why is Aastha fertility is known as the Best IVF Centre in Jaipur for Hysteroscopy?

The best IVF center in Jaipur is the Aastha fertility center that also specializes in Hysteroscopy. The experienced team of doctors and the advanced medical facilities provided by the clinic make it stand out from other clinics.  The clinic guarantees you a success rate of 90 percent. The environment of the hospital makes a patient feel safe and satisfied. The cost of IVF in the center is around 1, 30,000 while the cost of hysteroscopy ranges from 15,000- 50,000INR. The hospital has been awarded a lot of awards by various renowned personalities. To get information about the other medical facilities provided by the hospital you can check it out on aasthafertility.com and book your appointment with the best ivf center in Jaipur.

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