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Who Are The Angels Of God – Typically the Master says there are decreasing dark angels expelled from all other worlds where many photovoltaic systems and galaxies possess endless wars that rule like in Star Wars. These types of frictions and conflicts occur with life-Tronic bombs as well as mental vibratory rays.

These types of evil beings dwell within gloomed saturated regions of the low astral cosmos working out their evil karma in the nether parts of dark astral sides in base natures within appalling conditions mainly dominated by manifestations associated with evil. They appear now and then on our earth as destroyers, like Attila The Hun, Genghis Khan and Napoleon. In Greek, the word Napoleon means the new destroyer.

Who Are The Angels Of God – All those tremendously powerful evil individuals are invited to our planet through the massive mind which worships violence. When millions of thoughts begin to glorify violence, these people embody that physical violence upon themselves. This is why Hollywood’s actual violent movies and video gaming can be highly harmful to people.

The Astral Heck is for those who destroy the body in violence, their vibrant life by their publishing, their music and their motion pictures, and those who kill each of our mental life by bogus doctrines, ideology and the worst type of all the lowest hell is usually reserved for those who mislead some others on the spiritual path.

Who Are The Angels Of God – You cannot find any higher treachery than to work with God to deceive men and women. Those people are going to the lowest probable hell and believe us hell exists. Jesus spoke of it; Yogananda spoke of computer, every Master said of the computer. Cheer up because you are not about the worst planet. There is the worst type of place than ours.

Evil astral tramp individuals seek transport with the millions to escape their destiny by entering a human body. All those evil spirits cannot join you unless you make your thoughts vacant by smoking cannabis, taking cocaine, morphine, or even heroin.

Who Are The Angels Of God – If you are using drugs and have exhausted your good karma, you have opened the portal or opening within your astral shield (your feeling protection) and can allow a person demon to penetrate your security and enter into a person; so don’t touch medicines.

You have no idea, even when you see a physician and he tells you that occasional use may not influence you; that is not real because, behind it, you will find a lot of power which you have no idea of. Anything you take that dulls the senses or anaesthetizes the brain opens the door to evil forces when you make your thoughts vacant.

Who Are The Angels Of God – That is why you see many people today in mental asylums that are not crazy but held by evil spirits. Many people are told that cigarette smoking marijuana or taking medicines several times a week in tiny quantities is perfectly safe and safe wrong; this is precisely what is called false reasoning.

Individuals with evil karma who have not been apprehended or captured for disobeying and defying the laws had better not think themselves free, harmless or guiltless than those who’ve been convicted and disciplined for their offences, for they will be guilty and punished as they are grabbed by the cosmic laws associated with cause and effect. You will find words of warning for individuals who become relaxed and think themselves secure.

Who Are The Angels Of God – They up to now have not had the bad luck visited upon them because of others. It seems to some that God has no compassion without mercy, so cruel is niagra creation. Is the entire astral world as cruel? In that pre-astral period, you work all of your current life. You die, then you go into a dead sleep at night coma and the next thing you already know, your back into babyhood. Exists any mercy? Yes, there may be.

What Are Angels?

Who are and exactly are angels? They are bienheureux and divine friends via past lives who recall us and try to redeem us all through silent suggestions with their presence. We have friends in the past who advanced more rapidly than we did and are also helping us invisibly.

Who Are The Angels Of God – Evil souls not only can repent their cruel ways with this life but can treat their wicked burnt lifestyle by the soul of inside wisdom and peace within meditation and can also get redemption the after the loss of life state awakened by the angels of God where these are made to feel their stellar existence in the heavenly planet through inner repentance and excellent karma.

How Do You Build Repentance?

Who Are The Angels Of God – How do you develop a great attitude of repentance? Maybe you have thought about the guilty croyance? Each time you do something wrong, before doing it acknowledge it to be able to God; say, my Master, I can’t help myself to do this, eliminate me, believe to The dog “I’m wrong, ” our Lord help me and help save me from myself.

That may be repentance, and you will have no sense of guilt. Each time you do this, you are getting forgiven, each time you are trying to God directly, you happen to be being helped, and that is your repentance.

Who Are The Angels Of God – Turiyananda says wicked souls usually die with unconsciousness, but then after passing away, the unconscious state can be removed by angels connected with God for the short term. Souls suffering subliminally in the fire of their sinful tendencies have a possible opportunity to struggle and receive Jesus consciousness by astral introspection and shine forth as the pure son of spirituality burning with God’s brain.

Who Are The Angels Of God – If you have not learned to help meditate while on earth, you have a hard time making yourself meditate in the astral world. It can be so fascinating there you won’t want to contemplate but need to enjoy it.

The Ransom For one’s Soul Freedom

Who Are The Angels Of God – What kind of creatures lives on the heavenly planet? There are two kinds of folks, those who still have earthly karma to dispose of and need to rein-habit a low physical body to pay out their karmic debt because the human body is the ransom to your soul freedom. All of us indeed have been caught by the terrorist here on this planet and are paying our ransom on that body for the soul’s freedom.

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