Who is at fault in a yellow light car accident?

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Involved in a substantial car accident is the last thing you can expect as a safe driver. One of the critical reasons for such accidents is when one driver is going straight & the other driver is attempting to turn, or both are hurrying to make the turn through the intersection. Speeding up to beat yellow light before it turns red is significant. You can buy here pay here Salisbury that is perfect for you.

Left-turn accidents at the yellow light 

These accidents occur when a vehicle travels straight with a yellow light while the other driver attempts to turn left in front of them at the same yellow light. If the light turns yellow, it is a warning for the one turning left that they need to stop. However, if the driver turns while the light turns yellow, he yields a fault.

Rear End accidents at the yellow light 

The yellow light indicates the driver to slow down to stop completely when the red light flashes. However, various drivers speed up to beat up the yellow light. In this type of case, the driver rear-ends another vehicle that has already slowed down, causing a vital fault.

How much compensation can you receive from an insurance company? 

If you are amidst a yellow light accident due to someone else’s fault, the good part is that the insurance company will cover a handsome amount. Followings are the incentives:

  1. Total compensation of medical expenses
  2. Lost wages & compensation wages
  3. Property damage expenses
  4. Personal damages to the vehicle

However, this will only happen once you hire an experienced lawyer who can prove heavy damage in the court. Take notes that never accept compensation offer from an insurance company without speaking to your Atlanta car accident lawyer.

What immediate actions do you need to take after a yellow car accident? 

Yellow light intersections prove to be extremely dangerous. Here are some essential steps you need to take after an accident at a crossroad:

  1. Move away from the crash.

Move away from the crash site ASAP as the upcoming traffic from behind will not see the damage done immediately, causing them to add to injury.

  1. Get medical help.

For a complete medical evaluation of apparent & hidden injuries, see a health care professional immediately.

  1. Report the accident. 

Call the police to report the accident without delay as soon as you are back in your senses.

  1. Gather shreds of evidence. 

Write down your memory of the crash on your mobile phone or anything available moreover; record the footage of the crash site.

  1. Avoid conversation with an insurance company. 

These companies will try to minimize the compensation you can receive, so always speak to your lawyer before getting a deal done with them.

  1. Hire an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney.

Many dedicated attorneys in Atlanta can help you get your desired compensation amount along with helping you to move forward in life.

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