Why Are Air Force Ones So Popular?

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If you’re a big shoe collector, you might be thinking: why is Air Force Ones so popular? Find out why Air Force ones are so cool here.

Air Force Ones: The athletic footwear that shaped more than the basketball world’s eye on shoes.

For over 39 years, Nike’s Air Force Ones have been a staple in defining many cultures and trends in this millennium. Although its design is already a looker, what makes Air Force Ones the best shoe on the market?

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Air Force Ones: How it Started and its Rise to Fame

The origins of Air Force One shoes started in 1982 by shoe designer Bruce Kilgore. At that time, basketball’s fame and the people’s interest in it was at an all-time high. Nike called on many designers to create athletic footwear that represents basketball popularity.

The famous Air Force One shoe design took inspiration from two Nike shoes. These are the Tailwind and Approach Hiking Book.

Unlike other basketball shoes, this athletic footwear used air technology. This also became one of the reasons that put Air Force Ones at a whole other level.

The design and technology gave players an easier way to move. Nike also made it to keep the shoes in place without discomfort. Its classic white look helped in giving the shoes fashion and usage flexibility.

From its creation in 1982 till now, Nike’s Air Force One’s popularity is still soaring. In the many years it has been on the market, these shoes were not only famous in the basketball world. It also took part in the definition of Hip-hop and early 2000’s fashion. Nowadays, it’s the featured shoe for many Tik-Tok fashion trends.

It took a few dips throughout the decades. This was during its association with violence and gang culture, like Nike’s Cortez. Despite that, AF1 remains one of the best-selling athletic shoes since its creation.

The Reasons for Air Force One Shoes’ Popularity

When it comes to sneakers, there’s no doubt Air Force Ones are always on the list of most, if not all, sneaker enthusiasts. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or not, there’s no denying that Air Force One shoes are not simple shoes. They’re both an icon and an aesthetic that on the forefront of many fashion styles today.

However, what makes Air Force One’s so popular? Here are some reasons these shoes are famous and why they’re still at the peak of shoe fashion for over 39 years.

It Has a Versatile Design

One of the main reasons why these athletic kicks are so popular is because of their versatile design. Air Force Ones have a minimal and great gender-fluid aesthetic. It pairs great with any fashion, be it men’s or women’s.

Classic white Air Force Ones makes aged shoes look fashionable. When a pair of white Air Force One shoes get older, its fine lines create a worn but timeless look. Even with those old lines and creases, they’re still a wonderful pair to match with any of the outfits in your closet.

It may be true that the Air Force One’s white and bulky sole design is not for everyone. However, it now has many other versions and color options that you can choose from. This makes this athletic footwear more versatile than ever.

Although people use them for street and casual wear, you can now pair AF1s with your formal and work outfits. If you’re planning to invest in a good pair of AF1s, but you’re not sure if you’ll dig into its design, check it out here.

It’s Accessible for Everyone

Another reason for AF1’s popularity is its accessibility. These kicks have a minimalistic design that is well received by the masses. When it comes to price, many people can afford them without breaking their bank accounts.

Its simple and classic essence stood the test of time and will not go away any time soon. It’s also good to point out that there’s something special in the way people can make use of Air Force Ones. People can use them for fashion trends, or they can use them out of comfort.

Retro Fashion Is Making a Comeback

Fashion during the pandemic evolved into simpler and more comfortable outfits. Not only that, but nostalgic, sentimental outfits are making a big comeback. That’s why retro fashion stays as an important trend from 2020 up till this year.

Air Force Ones give those certain vibes that match well with the current trends.

You Can Customize Them

What’s great about AF1’s design is it’s a perfect canvas in shoe form. You can show off your creativity by making alterations to your pair of AF1s. Custom Air Force Ones lets people showcase their personalities without any shoe discomfort.

The beauty of classic AF1 sneakers is their openness to new ideas and interpretations. This makes the brand more exciting.

There’s Always Something About No. 1s

The popular saying on ‘numbers are everything’ is on point regarding Nike’s Air Force One shoes. It has been around for over four decades, and it’s almost always on the list of the top 10 best-selling sneakers worldwide.

In 2020, Air Force One still sat on the no. 1 place for the most purchased shoe. Having established itself in the shoe market for a long time, it’s no wonder that AF1 is always a must-have for all generations.

Being on top of best-selling sneaker lists not only shows the quality of this pair of shoes. It also demonstrates how its style influenced many areas, from sports to fashion.

The Key Reasons Why Air Force Ones are Popular

Versatility, accessibility, and an important retro fashion must-have. Nike offers great design and quality that’s tried, proven, and tested for many years. These are some of the reasons why Air Force Ones are such popular footwear for most people nowadays.

Being pioneers of using air technology in basketball shoes, these pair of kicks also helped define the new millennia. Looking for more information on the best fashion staples? Check out our other blog posts to discover more!

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