Why are more and more people choosing to live in the countryside?

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According to recent data from macroeconomic analyses, the number of people living outside urban areas continuously increases. As a result, many countries worldwide face unstoppable migration of primarily rural populations to urban centres and larger cities.

The high level of mortality, and in connection with that, the low birth rate, avalanches of brain drain, and migration abroad seem to have no end in sight, so when you look at the whole situation, one would say that it is impossible to stop the destruction of villages, suburbs and peripheral settlements.

However, something unusual is happening!

Is it because of the way we have grown up, surrounded by family and some healthier values ​​and views of the world, or because of the fatigue that people feel due to the fast and exhausting way of the city life – there is an increase in rural popularity and return to the countryside, especially among families and foreigners?

Why do people decide to live in the countryside mebel vi and what awaits us there?

The prices of houses and plots are much lower.

With the emigration of the rural population, the price of land becomes drastically low. It is not unusual for a house with a garden and auxiliary buildings to go on sale for 5 or 10 thousand euros, without the prices exceeding 30,000 euros.  

Considering that the price of a residential square in мајоr cities averages around 1,500 euros – this is not a wrong opportunity to arrange life in the countryside and call yourself the host of a large house with the property before taking out a housing loan and risking bad conditions in the country and losing the apartment again.

The food is healthy, and the water is klimi mk clean and fresh.

Beautiful nature that provides the healthiest food in the world. The fact that foreigners know how to appreciate a healthy life in the countryside tells us that more and more people are moving from Germany, Sweden or America to rural estates and starting their organic saga about growing fruits and vegetables that have not been treated with chemicals.

Many go to school and return to their native villages to apply the acquired knowledge and improve wheat cultivation, expand orchards and vines or renovate the farms of their grandfathers and fathers in the hope that their children will become quality people they grew up.

The air is clean and helps with health problems.

When was the last time you were rested when you woke up in the morning or felt relaxed at the end of the day? When you lead a life in the countryside, it is pretty normal to get up in the morning to get ready for work, even after hard work in the fields. Although it seems incredible, the reason for that is well-founded in science.

It has been determined that daily exposure to fresh air, purified naturally due to forests, grasses and flowers, affects blood pressure, heart rate and thus the level of stress that accumulates in us during the day.

What should be given to the toyota mk village for it to give back to us?

Many who decide to return to the countryside and replace the short and polluted life of the cities with healthy habits are usually unaware that life in the countryside requires a lot of work, investment, and sacrifice. In the countryside, there are all the conditions for a fulfilled and comfortable life – but like any other job – you have to work.

Returning to the countryside can be a matter of opportunity to live or grow up, sometimes a matter of choice but also a necessity; however, if we draw a parallel and compare the differences between the village and the city, we would see that both ways have their advantages, but beauty and healthy living, it leans quite a bit towards the rural idyll.

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