Why my password is not working

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We all know how necessary our passwords are as everything is becoming digitalized. Whether social media, websites, e-commerce, etc., we have to make our profiles in literally everything. There is a requirement for ID and passwords to log in and use through your profile. Now imagine if that site tells you your password is invalid. It feels so scary for a moment. We get many questions like, “My password is not working… what to do?” Hence, we are bringing you a guide on what to do if any such situation occurs.

An Impressive Way To Solve My Password Is Not Working Issue

Please note that there could be several reasons for this issue. You must figure out why this happened before worrying about why my password is not working. There could be a chance you have made a spelling error while entering it. Try to refill it with the focus this time to know whether it was an honest mistake. If you are typing it correctly and it is still not working, you can discuss a couple of things and get to know the solutions for them.

What may have happened

We will talk about a few scenarios where a person may ask why my password is not working? Then, if you can relate to any such situation, you can follow its solution.

1.  Someone may have hacked your account – If your password is not working, there could be a chance that someone has tried to hack into your account. It would be best to take necessary precautions while setting the password to essential sites.

2. The website has expired your password – Some websites keep the password valid only for a limited time. When that time passes, the passcode stands invalid. Hence, it will not work anymore. If there is any timer, it is probably mentioned before, so look out for it.

3. The incorrect credentials – Maybe you are typing the correct password but the wrong ID. Check that both your information is correct before you get scared about what went wrong.


These were some of the errors and their solution you can work on next time you face the “my password is not working” issue. First, it is necessary that no matter what, you stay relaxed. Too much panic or anxiety can create more confusion and trouble for you. Secondly, please keep your password strong enough so that no one else can guess it. Or else it will become easier for anyone to steal it. That is all you need to take care of and do in such a situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I try changing the passcode if my password is not working?

You should first try attempting it again to ensure you did not have any spelling mistakes. It can also show errors if you use capital letters instead of small.

How to set the best passwords?

It is advisable that you set passwords using letters, characters, and numbers. Using this pattern will strengthen your passwords and make it hard for hackers to hack. Try to avoid using your phone numbers or date of birth as a password as they are easier to guess.

Can I recheck my forgotten password from google?

Do you also have the question, my password is not working; where can I confirm that I am using the right one? If you are this person, then you can follow this tip. You can check your password from google saved password if you saved it after typing it.

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