Why Repair Concrete Cracks?

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According to the American Concrete Institute, it loses strength and becomes more brittle as concrete ages. This means that even small cracks can grow and cause a lot of damage over time. The question is, why repair cracks? If you don’t, they will only get worse. A few years ago, a small crack in a porch slab led to a much larger crack a few feet from the first one. This caused the original crack to spread exponentially and significant structural damage.

Reasons for cracks

Cracking concrete is a problem that a variety of factors can cause. These can be from the concrete placement to chemical reactions in the concrete to improper installation. Regardless of what causes these cracks, repairing them should always be considered. As long as the cracks are not deeper than three-quarters of an inch, They should fill them with a sealer or filled polymer concrete. This will prevent water from getting inside and causing future problems.

Repairing a crack

A cracked concrete driveway signifies that the garage needs to be resurfaced. However, if you have a minor crack that can be repaired, your driveway will still look brand new, and your garage will last longer. A little, simple repair may require a caulking material and a caulking gun. Major cracks that go deep into the concrete will require a more extensive repair process which you should consult with a professional specializing in concrete repairs before proceeding.

Checking for cracks

One of the most critical aspects of evaluating cracks is assessing their depth. If a crack is more than three-quarters of an inch deep, it should be repaired. If you have a large crack, it is best to consult a professional.


Cracks are a common problem on concrete surfaces. The expansion and contraction of water cause crack due to temperature changes. When left untreated, cracks can become more prominent over time, causing more damage to the concrete surface. Cracks can also lead to water seeping through joints in the concrete, leading to more severe problems with foundation walls. It is essential for homeowners to regularly monitor the size of their cracks and repair any new or growing cracks as soon as they appear.

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