Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioning Serviced


If you want your air conditioning unit to continue operating efficiently, make sure it gets regularly serviced. This allows technicians to detect minor problems that could turn into more serious ones and costlier solutions. Best way to find the Aircon servicing Singapore.

An expert will ensure all air conditioner components, including fans, filters, and coils, are professionally cleaned to eliminate dust accumulation and improve energy efficiency. This will allow it to continue cooling your room efficiently while decreasing energy costs.

Clean the Filters

Filters on dirty air conditioners restrict the flow of clean air to their fan coil, forcing your unit to work harder to pull in air, which in turn leads to higher energy bills and reduced efficiency.

Cleaning your air conditioning filters is made easy with simple vacuuming or wiping with a soft cloth – both methods will remove dust and dirt from their fins, improving efficiency.

For stubborn or dirty filters, you can wash them in a bucket of lukewarm water with mild detergent and allow the filter to air dry completely before reinserting it into your unit – ensuring that all arrows point toward it instead of away. Or use an extra-clean disposable filter until your dirty one can be cleansed appropriately again.

Clean the Vents

Dusty vent covers don’t just look unsightly – they can lower air quality for those suffering from allergies, infiltrate further into the system and increase energy bills. Dust can even get under the plan and wreak havoc there, forcing it to work harder, raising costs even further.

To give your vents a light cleaning, remove their covers and set them aside. Next, grab some hot, soapy water in a bucket or bathtub and soak the vents for 15 minutes – after which, wipe down and dry each cover using a clean cloth before screwing back in their places and turning back on your HVAC system.

Suppose you need a deeper clean, rent or purchase a heavy-duty vacuum with an extended hose and plenty of attachments. Once the vents have been cleaned thoroughly, use a long scrub brush to loosen any remaining dirt from the walls of ducts or any nooks and crannies you can access.

Clean the Coils

Symptoms of dirty coils in an air conditioner could include decreased performance. It’s recommended to clean these at least annually; more frequent maintenance might be required in areas with high humidity and dust levels.

Before cleaning your air conditioning unit, firn off its power. Next, remove the access panel from within your blower cabinet to reveal evaporator coils; these are long, flat tubes shaped like an A that must be cleaned regularly for maximum efficiency.

To clean the coils, spray them with a no-rinse coil cleaner before using a soft brush to scrub away any dirt that remains stuck. Next, rinse off with a garden hose and sprayer attachment set on a wide setting (to avoid damaging fins). Finally, use a coil fin comb to straighten bent aluminum fins to improve airflow through your aircon system and enhance efficiency.

Inspect the Pipes

The technician will inspect your drain line at the start of every air conditioning maintenance appointment. This PVC pipe connects your indoor air handler with outdoor areas; condensation from an overflow drain pan flows into this drain line via gravity or small electric pumps and eventually out of your home, where it shouldn’t back up into it again.

Technicians can check this by turning on their air conditioner and observing any moisture around the indoor air handler. If not, this would indicate that the overflow drain pan and drain line are functioning optimally.

If the drain line is clogged, a technician will physically clear out any visible debris from its opening before using a vacuum or wet vac to clear away clogs and flush water through it. They may also pour a gallon of water into an overflow drain pan to ensure it empties freely into the drain line.

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