Women’s Work Wear: What To Wear?

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Not many women know this, but there are two pillars to dressing up perfectly for work. Comfort and confidence. These factors depend on each other, and your outfit must be the perfect amalgamation of both.

You aren’t feeling confident if you aren’t comfortable, and you aren’t satisfied if you aren’t optimistic about what you are wearing.

But fret not, as this article will help you decode womens work wear 2022. So, here are some factors to consider to rid you of that confusion. Read on!

What can you wear to your 9-5?

A survey concludes that 58% of its participants feel that they need more guidance when it comes to work wear. So, here is a breakdown of womens work wear so that you can go to work dressed for success!

1.Business professional

If you are a part of a corporate office, a business professional is a way to go. Don a suit, and you are all set for a power-packed day in the office. Preferably tailor your case for the most comfortable experience.

Moving on, you can also wear a block colour blazer and pair it with high waist pants. If you feel like experimenting, replace the pants with a pencil skirt to add a touch of uniqueness to your chic outfit.

When it comes to colours, business professionals always look good in block colours. You can choose from various colours such as navy, black, grey, etc. You can then go ahead and pair it with bright colours such as red or pink to make your outfit pop.

If you want to try patterns, you can go for a toned-down animal print, checks, houndstooth, etc.

Last but not least, what you need in your wardrobe at all costs is a classic white shirt. You can pair this with any outfit, bringing that professional business look.

2.Business casual

Business casual is the perfect amalgamation of business and casual. So, you can sprinkle more of your personality into your outfit and have some fun with it. The general overtone is still professional, but you can make it pop a little.

For instance, you can go for high waist pants and a blazer, but pair it with a bold blouse. Striking the right balance between casual and professional can sometimes be pretty confusing. But all you need to remember is to choose one statement piece of clothing and then build the rest of the outfit around it.

So, if you decide to wear a shirt dress, you can pair it perfectly with a cape jacket and if you want to wear a skirt, pull on a bold blazer.


This is the most laid-back of office dress codes so that you can get creative. Make sure that the dress is made up of well-cut pieces and maintains a professional look.

You could go for a pleated skirt, or maybe a jumpsuit. A black dress will look great if you want to take it up a notch.

But remember to carry around a blazer if you have an essential meeting to attend.

Wrapping up

Finding the perfect women’s work wear can be a task, especially with all the confusion surrounding it. The above article briefly explains everything you need to know about dressing up for work and how to make it enjoyable.

Remember to choose the style your office culture demands and boost your confidence with trendy yet classy outfits.

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