Work-from-home Diaries: Creating Your Dedicated Workspace

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When the global health crisis first hit in early 2020, people were left at a loss about what to do. It seemed like the spread of the lethal virus could barely be contained, and most of the world’s population was forced to remain indoors as a preemptive measure to reduce the number of active cases.

The pandemic urged people to move everything online—shopping for goods, attending school, or even performing jobs. Everything was digitized, and while that was a drastic change for many people who weren’t used to doing things remotely, it soon became the preferred method for transacting with the outside world.

A year and a half into the pandemic, many cities, states, as well as countries have begun to reopen themselves to the world since vaccines against COVID-19 are already available. Businesses, schools, and whatnot have restarted operating face-to-face, albeit some still with face masks on to avoid contracting the virus despite being fully vaccinated.

But while many have chosen to reopen as usual, many companies have permanently adopted the work-from-home setup because they realized how beneficial it could be both to the employers and employees. However, the choice doesn’t come without struggles, and one of the biggest challenges is working from home.

That’s because everybody’s home situation is different. While some have enough room in the house to have a home office with comfortable ErgoTune to use, others have to make do with the small space they have. Having a dedicated working space is imperative to a person’s productivity and efficiency. So, here’s how you can create one for yourself:

  1. Clutter-free Office Table

If you can afford to invest in a new table, consider looking for one that will motivate you to work and stay focused throughout the day. For instance, you can buy yourself an urban-industrial office desk if you prefer the rustic aesthetic of it. Just make sure that your table will have enough room for everything you’re going to need while working.

  1. Ergonomic Swivel Chair

Of course, you’ll need a comfortable chair to match your office table. That’s why you should consider buying an ergonomic swivel chair that has enough padding to provide support for your upper and lower back. It also won’t hurt if you can get one that’s built for longevity, seeing as you’re going to spend half your day sitting in it.

  1. Table Organizer Set

The clutter on your table will constantly occupy your mind and take your concentration away from the tasks at hand. That’s why you’ll need ample table organizers for all your paperwork, office supplies, pens, and whatnot. The important thing is that you can keep your desk clutter-free at all times to improve your focus.

  1. Tools for Cable Management

Messy cables are not only a sight for sore eyes, but they can also be a safety hazard. Do yourself a favor and look into how to properly manage your cables because it will lessen your clutter. Consider having the cables hidden under your table or attached to the wall so you won’t have to fumble every time you need to plug and unplug your devices.

  1. Computer and Paraphernalia

Lastly, it would be impossible to work from home if you don’t have a computer. It doesn’t matter if you have a PC or a laptop to accomplish your work; what matters is that it’s available for use. So your computer should always be at your desk, along with your keyboard, mouse, speakers, and other paraphernalia that you’re going to need for your job.

If you want an extra source of motivation to do your work, you can elevate your computer setup by investing in themed devices. For instance, you can buy a quirky mechanical keyboard and a matching mouse that is connected to your computer via Bluetooth. You can also have additional screens or buy a stand for your laptop to increase its height.

These five must-haves are just the bare necessities for your dedicated working space, but you’re free to customize and decorate it however you want. Just make sure that your decor won’t contribute to the clutter on your desk because it’s supposed to motivate you to work and not the other way around.

There’s no telling when the pandemic will end, nor when you’re going to return to your lifestyle pre-pandemic. That’s why it’s crucial to make the best out of a bad situation. This pandemic has been hard on everyone, so don’t force yourself to feel anything other than your honest emotions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your work life easier by having the right tools.

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