Yoli Rose Clothing Reviews


Emery Rose is an up-and-coming fast fashion brand known for offering fashionable yet cost-conscious clothing and accessories at reasonable prices, plus plus-size apparel. Based in China and gaining momentum on social media channels like TikTok and Instagram; their affiliate Shein has many of their products listed there as well.


Emery Rose is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce website selling directly to consumers. Similar to Shein, Emery Rose features a selection of low-cost fashion items for women and girls with beachy, basic styles popular among young fashionistas. Influencers’ “try-on haul” videos also appear frequently. Established in China with clothing manufactured there, reviews may help determine customer experiences regarding sizing and quality; for instance the Purple Rain maxi dress might run small.


Emery Rose uses cotton, polyester and rayon in their clothing; soft, comfortable fabrics which tend to be lighter than comparable brands. Machine washing at cold gentle settings should do just fine; an added benefit is being hypoallergenic! Reading reviews is always useful in providing information on sizing and material quality as well as finding influencers’ Emery Rose try-on haul videos on TikTok and Instagram.


Yoli Rose offers an excellent online shopping experience for affordable clothing at great prices, offering dresses, accessories and shoes from various designers at competitive prices. Their shipping is quick, plus they accept various payment methods.

Orders over $99 qualify for free shipping; express delivery can also be paid for. In addition, the company provides a return policy in case customers are dissatisfied with their products.

Emery Rose is an online fast fashion website offering fashionable yet budget-friendly clothing for women. Boho-inspired items and neutral-colored pieces can all be found on its shelves; since 2015 the company has been operating out of China. Influencers often post outfit photos or “try-on haul” videos featuring their clothing from Emery Rose on TikTok or Instagram, thus driving traffic back to Emery Rose products.

Before making a purchase on this site, be sure to read reviews thoroughly. Sizing can vary and items that don’t fit may need returning; additionally there appear to be many one-star reviews which seem controlled by the company.