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Before I quickly guide you through the way to know how to buy online at Takealot, let’s start knowing what is Takealot, and how did it start. was formally established in June 2011 following the successful acquisition of an existing eCommerce business named Take2 in October 2010 by the US-based investment firm Tiger Global Management and Kim Reid. is now the largest and most inventive eCommerce store in South Africa, as well as one of the largest and most innovative eCommerce merchants on the African continent.

How To Buy Online At Takealot

Image source: Takealot

How To Buy Online At Takealot: The company was founded with a single goal in mind: to be Africa’s largest, easiest, and most customer-centric online shopping destination.

Since its start, it has swiftly expanded, building, and expanding warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town, as well as extending department choices to over 21 departments in Electronics, Lifestyle, Media & Gaming, and Fashion.

The same year saw the successful acquisition of, a curated design and fashion website, and ended in the news that Naspers-owned will merge companies with, resulting in the creation of Africa’s top online shopping destination.

On May 1, 2015, all Kalahari client accounts were successfully moved to, completing the merger.

Naspers upped their ownership in to 96 percent in early 2018. and Spree (both part of the Naspers family) combined in October 2018 to supply consumers with the most up-to-date local and international fashion. is now South Africa’s largest and most inventive online store, employing over 2000 people.

How to buy online at Takealot? A Quick Review

Now, you have known the company and how it started but before we know how to buy online at Takealot, let’s give it a quick review for you to know if it’s worth it or not, and then I will guide you to the way of buying, let’s get started.

How To Buy Online At Takealot: I will show you some positive and negative reviews from some trusted sides. But to not make it surprising for you, Takealot has so many negative reviews at many sides of work especially that last period, let’s see some of the positive ones first.

Positive Reviews:

  • Chesna provided excellent service. The letter H – I called on Friday and did not receive this kind of care. Chesna went above and above to accommodate my request. As a result, thank you
  • The delivery service in Bela Bela is both beautiful and efficient. They truly go above and above. Thank you very much, Asiel Koka, for your wonderful service.

Negative Reviews:

I will just show you one review of the many negative ones that may have said lots of negatives.

  • Takealot has been refusing to repair a broken UPS unit purchased and still under warranty for over 3 months, alleging various excuses; even though they reimbursed me for one of the faulty units, they’ve now been giving me the runaround to replace/refund the second bad unit. I ended up purchasing two brand new UPS units from them and am now out of money for more than R3,500 because of Takealot’s total disregard. They’re pitiful!

Eh, I know, there are a lot of negatives and positives, you can check more reviews if you want. But now, let’s get to the FAQ and know How to buy online at Takealot.

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How to Buy Online at Takealot?

All you have to do is the following:

* Go to
* Locate the item you want to purchase. Keyword search boxes may be found on almost every page of the website.
* Add to your basket.
* Checkout, and choose the method of paying.

Takealot pays how much per delivery?

Sign up today because hundreds of Takealot delivery workers make between R5000 and R12000 each month.

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