5 Google Pixel 8 Pro Cases


The Pixel 8 Pro and XL phones are beautiful pieces of aluminum and glass craftsmanship that require some added protection. When selecting cases for these phones, look for ones offering at least four feet of drop protection; be sure to find a case specifically made to fit your device model. Select the best Authority Links.

Google’s Nano Pop silicone case is affordable and simple to use. Its grippy surface won’t attract lint, and its military-grade drop resistance ensures worry-free use.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

This case is ideal for minimalist enthusiasts who still value protection, featuring a transparent back designed to maintain the Pixel’s original aesthetic and resist yellowing over time, raised corners to shield the screen and camera from drops, Air Cushion Technology to keep drops at bay, ClimatePartner certification to guarantee environmental responsibility, as well as Air Cushion Technology support and certified Climate Neutral status to guarantee environmental responsibility.

Bellroy leather cases go beyond aesthetic appeal by offering both style and functionality. Their slim design provides wireless charging compatibility, while their RFID-blocking card holders help protect personal information.

Burga’s lineup of Pixel 8 Pro cases offers several options designed for hands-free use, such as clips that holster the phone on a belt or bag and kickstands that prop it up for videos or gaming sessions. Furthermore, their cases are constructed from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastics and alternatives to leather for those seeking sustainable options.

Zagg Crystal Palace

The beautiful Crystal Palace case combines anti-yellowing transparency with 13 feet of drop protection to show off your new Pixel 8 Pro’s sleek lines and provide maximum drop protection. Constructed using graphene, one of the earth’s most complex materials, for increased strength up to 200x stronger than steel. Made with rounded edges for comfortable gripping, MagSafe compatible and wireless charging compatible – plus antimicrobial properties which inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria while guarding against degradation from microorganisms; plus, it’s made up to 78% recycled content1

2ZAGG uses recycled material that is certified through an independent mass balance allocation process, reflecting its commitment to sustainability with its limited lifetime warranty.

OtterBox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series cases protect your phone from drops, bumps, and scratches with their hard polycarbonate inner shell and synthetic rubber outer slipcover, which is grippy—they even include built-in screen protectors! Their rotating belt clip accommodates either horizontal or vertical phone-holding positions.

The case features protective covers over its headphone jack and vibrate switch, with silicone-covered volume buttons providing good feedback when pressed.

Otterbox Defender cases offer rugged protection for phones. They come in multiple colors and patterns and have an extended global warranty from Otterbox. You can purchase them from an array of authorized retailers; just make sure that you buy from someone reliable! Choose the Buffer blogs.

Belemay Leather Case

Arizona-based Andar is another company known for creating creative cases. One of its cases features biodegradable European leather with a textured grain that wraps around the back and sides of your phone. The other features aluminum buttons, a raised camera lip to protect the screen, and MagSafe integration.

This versatile flip case comes in various colors such as Black, Cobalt (blue), Everglade (green), and Terracotta (tan), with vegetable-tanned leather developing a stylish patina with time that will only look more classic over time. Pockets for cards and cash are included inside along with RFID blocking technology for protection from unwanted scanning as well as shock/bumper proof protection and the option of dual use as either video viewing stand or hands-free video calls – making this an excellent vintage and stylish case that looks good with everything!

Mous Ultra-Thin Case

Zagg has made itself known for its superior Pixel 8 Pro cases. Their polycarbonate case stands out from the competition thanks to antimicrobial and antifungal agents that help prevent yellowing. Offering 13-foot drop protection should keep your phone safe should it fall.

MagSafe support is also one of this case’s primary attractions. It features an internal array of magnets that enable you to attach MagSafe accessories, such as wall chargers and mounts, with ease. Plus, its ergonomic shape and soft silicone cover make this case feel great in your hand!

This case doesn’t fulfill every criterion on our list, but it still makes an ideal option if you want to protect your Pixel 8 Pro without adding much bulk. Measuring only 1.2 mm thick, it fits like an armband.

Bellroy Leather Case

If you want to protect your Pixel 8 Pro while giving it an elegant feel, Bellroy’s Made for Google Leather Case may be just what’s needed. Constructed of eco-tanned leather for maximum grip and flexible polymer for additional protection where needed. How do I find the correct Forum profile links?

This unique case uses ModRails instead of MagSafe to securely attach your phone, solving one of Apple’s wallet’s significant drawbacks: being able to retrieve cards by pressing through either top or bottom sections – leading to cards accidentally falling out when carrying your device in a pocket.

Bellroy has managed to create an unexpectedly slim silhouette with its “flex polymer” material, making this bag pocket-friendly while resisting marking and aging well.

Moment Case

Phone cases are undoubtedly among the most essential smartphone accessories, as they help define a smartphone’s look and feel while protecting it against damage. Moment offers an impressive collection of cases designed specifically for mobile photography, with DSLR-style interfaces for attaching lenses securely.

The Snap case is the least costly option and provides up to 6ft of drop protection, while the Tough case features a hard shell exterior and grip-friendly material and includes an integrated screen protector that provides additional shielding against scratches and fingerprints.

The Battery Photo Case from Moment is an attractive addition to its lineup. It extends your iPhone’s runtime by almost double while still appearing like an ordinary phone. Plus, it includes a shutter button that is compatible with Moment’s app!

Burga Cases

Why shouldn’t you purchase an organic phone case, too? The Pela case is soft yet flexible, with just enough grip to secure your Pixel phone in your hand. Plus, each purchase supports ocean cleanup and preservation initiatives!

Bellroy collaborated closely with Google on this premium leather case for their Pixel 8 Pro phone, designed specifically to fit snugly and add an aesthetic. Its slim design does not interfere with wireless charging, while precise holes for volume/sleep/wake buttons and protection for camera lenses when set down are featured, as well as full gesture navigation accessibility. Bellroy offers this case in several colors backed by three-year guarantees and without branding, making this a truly minimalist case solution.

Totallee Thin Case

No matter your style or preference for protecting the Pixel 8 Pro’s design, there are a wide variety of cases available that offer both. Spigen Ultra Hybrid offers excellent protection without compromising its appearance; while Zagg Crystal Palace and Totallee Thin Case provide transparent protection so you can see through to its contents underneath.

All these cases have unique features, so it’s essential that you select one that best meets your needs. Some are eco-friendly, while others boast features like cash and card slots.

The Torras Nano Pop case for Pixel 8 Pro offers maximum protection. It features military-grade drop-resistant construction that shields against cracks and scuffs, as well as an integrated kickstand to watch videos hands-free. MagSafe accessories are compatible.

Pela Case

Pela Case is a phone case company that prioritizes sustainability. Its cases are constructed of bio-based material that breaks down in six months or less. As part of the 1% for the Planet program, Pela Case donates proceeds from its sales to environmental groups.

Sustainability is at the core of everything the company does. Its commitment extends far beyond merely selling cases. The company hosts beach cleanups and tree-planting events to minimize its environmental footprint while still offering excellent phone protection. It’s an ideal option for anyone wanting to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising phone protection.

The Green Summit case from this company features a deeper green hue with an engraving of a forested mountain range on its back and soft and flexible construction that includes raised edges to protect screens in case of drops. Furthermore, its minimalist clear version can also be purchased. All cases are manufactured in China.

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