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Best 2022 Golf Irons

Using quality golf irons is not only a luxury. On the contrary, some of the best golf irons are made to significantly improve your game. A good golf iron could make all the difference in your game, whether you are an amateur or a…

Top Destinations of golf holidays in Portugal

People will always debate that Portugal's numerous championship-grade golf courses should be measured among the top five in the country. However, the following are courses that will satisfy even the majority of demanding of golfers. Check…

Remembering the 1975 Cricket World Cup

As is the case with most other sports, Cricket also wanted to have its own worldwide competition. This wish finally materialized in 1975. As this was the year that saw the celebration of the first ever Cricket World Cup. The current edition…

Best luxury golf holidays in 2022

A Luxury golf holiday is the ultimate golf break. specializes in luxury golf holiday bookings. We offer luxury golf vacations in the UK, Portugal, Belek, Spain, and worldwide. To bring you our luxury assortment, we…

9 Facts About Softball That’ll Surprise You

Did you know softball was initially an indoor sport? Invented by George Hancock, a journalist, the first game ever was played in 1887. The following year the game was moved outside, giving us a preview of softball today. But how many

Magnum Hen Duck Call by JJ Lares

jj lares duck calls has been a staple in the duck hunting community for many years. The Magnum Hen is one of their newest additions and it's quickly becoming a favorite among hunters, specifically those who enjoy opening up tules when

4 Water Sports Your Family Can Try Right Now

Are you getting ready for your next trip to the beach or lake? It's time to start thinking about the water sports that you want to try out! There are plenty of family-friendly water sports that both children and adults can enjoy with

Top 5 Salmon Fishing Tips & Techniques

Salmon fishing is a dream for many, but only a few make it a reality. As a Salmon fishing guide, you can call yourself a fisherman if you have caught a salmon at least once in your life. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of