Sporting Clays Cart – Safety Tips For Shooting With a Clays Cart


Sporting clays is a form of target shooting where participants shoot targets placed along a course, similar to golf courses. Each class varies, while regulations differ depending on your location; however, safety protocols, equipment needs, and push carts remain constant throughout.

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Shooting sporting clay cart is similar to golf in that you use a shotgun and caddy for each team member as you move along a course where targets are thrown to simulate bird hunting, and your goal is to hit each target and earn points with each shot. Each sporting clay location may have its own set of specific rules, but all generally abide by basic safety protocols.

Shooting sporting clay carts requires that firearms remain unloaded until ready to fire at each station. Once at each station, your gun should only be open and loaded once instructed by the referee to shoot. There are various types of shotguns used in sporting clays – double barrel and over/under are the most widely used types;

The JACKASS Field Cart will make transporting shotguns, varmint rifles, archery bows, or black-powder guns across a plowed dirt field or Sporting Clays course easier and smoother for you and your weapons. Equipped with two adjustable brackets that accommodate any configuration of firearms as well as spring-loaded zinc cross pens with retaining clips – your weapons will arrive securely held in place by this gun carriage!


Sporting clays is an engaging pastime often referred to as “golf with a shotgun.” Participants travel along a course, usually by golf cart, from one shooting station to the next with machines throwing clay targets into the air at each one – either single shots, report pairs (where two targets are released simultaneously after hearing a gunshot), or valid pairs (where both marks appear simultaneously).

Participants of this activity require at least a 12-gauge gun with two loaded shells, kept on a rack provided by the facility until their turn comes up to shoot at a particular station. Shotguns are popularly used since they’re designed to break various targets.

Operating a sporting clay cart requires all participants to wear eye and ear protection as well as be familiar with all rules and regulations associated with its use. Four people should occupy this type of vehicle at most; all firearms transported should be unloaded prior to placing in the cart, with semi-automatic or pump action firearms having their actions open or locked down during transport.


No matter if you are an experienced trap shooter using a Berretta or just starting in skeet or sporting clays, specific protocols must always be observed to ensure safety. Aside from wearing eye and ear protection as well as loading guns only when at a shooting station, another safety measure that’s often neglected is using a cart for transport between shots.

Sporting clays has quickly become one of the most beloved shotgun sports in America – and for good reason. Dubbed “golf with a gun,” this challenging and rewarding activity demands both physical and mental agility from participants. A typical sporting clays course typically comprises 10-15 stations spread out across natural terrain; you must walk between shooting stations while carrying your gun and bag of shells – adding weight as you go!

While many shooting ranges do provide carts, serious shooters should bring their own. Coaches aren’t specifically built to handle this kind of use and may get bogged down in mud or steep hills easily; in addition, some companies offer expensive carts, which might not justify the investment if they are only used occasionally.

Emily Damment offers an intelligent solution for transporting equipment between car and shooting grounds – the new Claycart from Emily Damment makes life simpler by lifting for you so that your focus stays squarely on shooting your rounds!

The new cart features a convenient basket for holding cartridges, as well as a secure strap to keep your firearm firmly. In addition to guns, drink bottles, snacks, coats, and ear defenders – everything necessary for an enjoyable day on the shooting grounds can also be added.